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Issues Faced by Apartment Residents will soon be solved through Society Management Software

Buying a pretty little flat in an apartment complex is not just the only part. It has to be well-managed too. Residents face an excessive amount of issues which often requisite external help to resolve. If you are a resident of an apartment complex, you will always have a moderate share of troubles.

While organizing and supervising security and the associated duties rests mostly on the management committee, which is mostly trumped-up of residents themselves, getting the staff to work like a smoothly-operated machine is hard. This means inconsistency can crawl up if the staff isn’t instructed well, leaving everyone within the society endangered.

According to Shivani Shinde from Shlok Apartment, Powai, said, “Get the Hamari Society app. It is among the best Society Management Apps in Mumbai. This brilliantly designed app lets security staff and residents work together to accomplish near next to an unbreakable security system. The app also permits security personnel and residents to retain an incident report/record for the entire apartment complex.”

This is more of a security issue because unless they are meticulous about collecting dues and tracking defaulters, there will always be issues with money. However, residents themselves need reminders to guide them pay their dues on time. Being busy isn’t a mistake and given how our lives are today, it is common for people to forget due dates.

A resident from Shiva Sagar Apartment, Andheri (Not to prefer to mention a name) said that “If you install Hamari Society, the best Apartment Management Software in India, all residents will get in-app notifications proclaiming them that maintenance, rent or other payments are due. You can utilize the management module of the app to keep track of defaulters, send notices to everyone who dropped payments in a single go and do beneficial accounting related tasks. In short, the best technical help you can obtain is only by installing an Online Society Management System in Mumbai. You can stay organized and efficient with this app.”

The resident also added, “If you don’t have well-organized parking slots for each unit, God save you from the disorganization that will result. With this Society Management System in Mumbai, you will get to know parking charges per vehicle for both two and four vehicles. Members or administrators can enter their respective vehicle details & easily identify flats having more vehicles than the parking lots they own.”

About Hamari Society:
Hamari Society has been designed by taking all the important points of Housing society management. It’s a simple & efficient platform for Co-operative Housing Societies.

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