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Is India Safe for First-Time Travelers?

India is a safe country, much safer than many other nations in the world. However, the first time travelers must keep in mind that India a conservative and developing nation, which makes a few things important to be kept in mind. Read the list of precautions that you must keep in mind while traveling in the country, and you must use your common sense whenever the situation demands.

  • Petty theft is quite common in India, but there are hardly any instances of violent theft. If you secure your stuff and keep your bags in sight all the time, you are good to go anywhere you want. You can also keep a dummy wallet to be on the safer side in case it gets stolen. You can also keep some cash in a secret pocket in your clothes so that you never lose all your money.
  • Rather than carrying a fancy, eye-catchy Smartphone, you can carry a low-key mobile phone. If you don’t like the keypad phones, you can keep a cheap Smartphone. Even if you lose it, you will not regret it.
  • While using public transport, use GPS to know the direction you are heading. Keep poking the driver of your cab or auto-rickshaw about the turn he should take on the next corner or round-about. It makes people conscious that you are a well-informed person and they cannot fool you by roaming around to charge you more.
  •  Click pictures of important documents and upload them on your drive or cloud so that you can access them in case of an emergency.
  • Beggary is quite common in India, but you should not give any money to the panhandlers. They are often associated with gangs that snatch all their money at the end of the day, so nothing goes in the pockets of street dwellers. If you have time, get them some food from the nearby restaurant or you can also give them a packet of biscuits if they do not budge.
  • At some places, professional and personal photography is not allowed. Still, people do click photos at such places. Watch out for signboards that prohibit photography, but you can go with the flow if the locals are clicking pictures. However, be discreet while doing so to avoid being caught by corrupt police officers who may demand bribe from you. Moreover, avoid carrying a fancy DSLR; your Smartphone camera should suffice the purpose.
  • You can buy branded mosquito repellant creams in India at cheap prices. If you forget carrying one from your home country, you can buy a bottle or a tube of mosquito repellant creams once you land in India.
  • When you are in metropolitans, you can hire best Self-Drive Car Rental in Mumbai or a cab. However, avoid traveling during peak office hours as the maddening traffic on the roads will drive you nuts. If you are in small towns, you can take auto-rickshaws, manual rickshaws, or cabs to reach your destination. If you travel by train or airplane, you can also book a taxi from prepaid booths rather than getting trapped by local touts.
  • Keep the numbers of a few trusted local drivers with you at all times so that you can call them in case you get late to reach your hotel. In cities like Chandigarh, you can also call the police to drop you if you cannot find an auto-rickshaw late at night.
  • Most people in India can understand English, if not communicate fluently in it. Download an English to Hindi dictionary in your phone to make people understand what you want to convey.



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