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Irrigation Sprinkler System: a buyer’s guide.

Irrigation sprinkler systems are perfect for watering medium to large areas of grass, crops or garden. They are made up of a series of pipes, valves and brass or plastic sprinkler heads and can be used in a variety of irrigation applications.

Drought, bushfires and even low water allocations for many years in Australia have made the sprinkler system more important than ever in managing water efficiency. The Australian Government is investing a considerable amount of time, effort and money in an irrigation Efficiency Program. The program is aimed at exploring varied measures to improve water management in irrigation. Sprinkler Irrigation Systems are an important tool in helping to achieve greater efficiency and are definitely worth exploring.

Your local Irrigation Equipment Supplier Northern Rivers will have a wealth of sprinkler knowledge and should be one of the first people you talk to If you are looking to deliver greater performance in irrigation and management of water resources. No doubt you will want to find an irrigation system that is both cost-effective and enhances your agricultural production. Irrigation Sprinkler Systems can be a useful tool in achieving these outcomes, while simultaneously offering sustainable solutions.


Is it worth investing in Impact Sprinkler Systems?

Looking at the declining levels of water in most parts of the country we can safely assume that irrigators are looking for sustainable and resilient irrigation systems.

Impact sprinkler systems have been increasing in popularity because they are rugged, long-lasting and perform extremely well even in low water conditions. 

Irrigators often ask questions like;

Is it worth investing in sprinkler heads?

 Is sprinkler irrigation still the best choice?

Are impact sprinkler systems still gaining the appeal in the market?

What are the advantages of investing in sprinkler systems?

To minimize the guesswork, it really is worth talking to your local Irrigation Equipment Supplier about your specific situation. However, in general terms Irrigation Sprinkler Systems are considered to be water-efficient, cost-effective, simple to use and easy to automate. In addition, sprinklers cover great areas so they are particularly suited for both medium and large applications.

One of the strongest advantages of an Irrigation Sprinkler System is its water efficiency. Unlike irrigation systems which use oscillation, impact sprinklers actually minimise evaporation and reduce water loss. This is not only cost-effective but is a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to irrigation. A trusted Lawn Irrigation Equipment Supplier Northern Rivers will help you capitalise on this feature. They can also help you set up time-efficient mechanized impact sprinklers from top suppliers like Toro and Nelson.

Impact Sprinkler Systems: some helpful considerations.

Impact sprinklers are excellent for irrigation and have a great water throwing radius and flow rate. For larger farms impact sprinklers with brass sprinkler heads are preferable. Make sure to select the models that are placed close to the ground, as the lower placement ensures that the water spray is least likely to be affected by blowing winds and reduces evaporation. Buyers should also keep the angle of sprinklers in mind; the lower the angle the better the wind-fighting ability. Getting some expert advice is extremely valuable in achieving maximum efficiency.

The powerful streams of water, even in low-pressure conditions have resulted in impact sprinklers becoming more popular and even preferred over rotary sprinklers and oscillating sprinklers. These days, a full range of rugged sprinkler heads are available. If you have an existing system, it is definitely worth considering updating it with newer products on the market. The demanding needs with system design, installation, and management of sprinkler systems for irrigation can be covered by your local equipment supplier- they can tailor a system that builds on your existing irrigation system or design a completely new system for you. Either way, they will use both their industry and local knowledge to customise a system that suits your property best.

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