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Information on Chinese Preschools in Torrance

There are quite a few Chinese Preschools in Torrance CA. They offer a conducive learning environment for children of 2 and half to 5 years old.


According to the 2010 United States Census about 2.7 percent of the total population in Torrance is Asian. The city lies in South Bay, California and was incorporated in 1921. There are quite a few Chinese Preschools in Torrance CA. Infect they offer a conducive learning environment for children of 2 and half to 5 years old. A good Torrance Chinese Preschool will offer a whole gamut of facilities.


Children are trained to become independent and responsible. They are introduced to traditional Chinese cultural art forms and pass-times. Children are taught how to do their personal chores besides focussing on basic learning. Activities such as looking after pet animals, cooking without fire, learning daily life hacks, gardening and sports are introduced to the little ones. The basic objective is to bring about a holistic development of the child.


A great deal of emphasis is laid on language skills. Children are taught to read and write in Chinese besides American English.  Infact phonetically based study materials are widely used for instruction, so that children can learn Chinese in Torrance at a very young age. Children are taught how to read, write and articulate in both Chinese and American English. Going forward this serves as a huge academic advantage for the little ones.

Sensorial learning is yet another important aspect of pre-school teaching in South Bay, California. Children are taught to use their sense of smell, touch, hearing and taste to understand and differentiate in between key concepts.

Modern preschools are also striving towards introducing children to cultural studies. They are exposed to a wide variety of concepts. They learn about practically everything from the Solar system, weather to animals, plants and the human body.

Children are taken on guided tours and educational field trips all year round. The idea is to reinforce the concepts introduced within the classrooms. Little ones are encouraged to speak about their ancestry. Parents are given opportunities to participate in cultural activities as well. Besides every Chinese Preschool in Torrance CA offers extra-curricular activities for children over the age of 3. Kids enjoy participating in special workshops for Drama, dance and science. They have the option to learn vocal and instrumental music. Activities like Lego, Art, Clay Modelling and Keyboarding are commonly offered.

Children are introduced to outdoor sports such as heats, gymnastics, tennis, badminton and swimming early. The idea is to help them develop important life skills. Like all preschools in countries around the world, Chinese Preschools in Torrance believe in helping little ones develop social and emotional skills. Children are exposed to shapes, letters, colors and concepts in a structured way. This only helps in the developmental process of a child. So by the time children are 4 years old they learn how to make friends, and are comfortable with the idea of formal schooling.

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