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Importance Of Google Adwords

Generating the best keywords for a specific target market is very important. If people are not specific about generating the best keywords and keep only high-volume keywords in their ad campaigns, they might lose a lot of money through Google AdWords. You should check if the keywords chosen convert to sales. If the keywords chosen bring visits but do not convert to sales, the business won’t be profitable. Suppose a Web site is into shoes, and uses the words “shoes” or “shoes online” in its ad campaign. It may have a high search volume but because of heavy competition, the keywords might not convert into sales. Such keywords will bring huge traffic but there will be less chance of conversion. On the other hand, the keyword “buy jogging shoes online” will have fewer clicks and visits but a high conversion rate. This kind of decision should be made while generating keywords for Google AdWords. Keywords can be decided based on exact match, phrase match, and broad match. Among the three phrase matches are usually the keywords that can be termed as conversion keywords. You can also include negative keywords, which will exclude the ad from display against specific negative keywords. Here are some useful ways to decide a call while generating keywords for an ad campaign.


  1. List the top search keywords that speak about the Web site or are relevant to the Web site.


  1. Include keywords that have more chances of conversion.


  1. Use long tail keywords which bring fewer clicks, but have ensured conversion.


Title lines hold equal importance in Google AdWords, as do the keywords. The job of title lines is to attract users and bring them to your Web site and then convert the visit to a sale. Any user will check the title line first, so giving it the best try is very important. Also, Google has an affiliated network that displays just the title line of the ad. A title line should be a direct approach that includes a prominent keyword with volume as well as conversion rates. However, this approach has to be completed within 25 characters, as offered by Google.


Descriptions are other important attributes of the Google AdWords Campaign. Descriptions are supposed to justify the titles as well as the ad campaign. Descriptions convince users of their benefits with a click. It encourages users to purchase the products sponsored by the ad.


Directing link is another important element of the Google AdWords Campaign. This is an important call to action. The link that is directed from the ad should take users to the most relevant page from the searched keyword point of view. Users decide their call through the directed landing page regarding their purchase. Once the user clicks on the link, the Web site needs to pay the amount per click, irrespective of purchase or bounce back. Therefore, the directed landing page should be good enough to convert the search to a sale, which is the sole aim of the entire business.


Active site is another important feature that needs to be managed in the case of Google AdWords. This campaign charges you against each click and therefore an essential factor such as loading time holds great relevance. If the loading time of the site is less, users will definitely bounce back without taking any call to action, which means you get billed for the click but don’t profit from the click. Therefore, loading time should be fast, and whenever the site is down the bids should be reduced in order to control clicks and bills.


Budget controlling is a major factor in managing the Google AdWords Campaign. On the other hand, the keywords that bring clicks but do not convert should be removed. In straight words, you should behave mercilessly while generating keywords for your Google AdWords Campaign. This comes within budget control because a single keyword should not eat up your entire budget. Keywords and your budget should be well distributed.


Relevancy of Ads is also an important feature that plays an essential role in the PPC campaign. Major search engines such as Google and Yahoo give huge importance to the relevancy of keywords to the landing page. Therefore, it is essential to ensure keywords are closely associated with the landing pages. If you are selling training courses, the landing page should speak prominently about training and courses offered.


Along with all these, campaign users should establish firm goals for their Google AdWords Campaign. Outlining the goal is very important and you should be clear about whether they [who?] are trying to make business or profitable business. You should be sure whether Google AdWords is used in order to get just a click or to bring conversion clicks. If the latter is true, only converting keywords should be kept with high bids. In the other case, which is very rare, high volume relevant keywords will perform the task of attaining the goal. Thus, in straight words, including phrase matching, good converting keywords with the direct action title line and description, you can assure instant traffic to your Web site. If this traffic is successfully converted to a purchase, your Web site will profit accordingly. Thus, you can make effective use of the Google AdWords Campaign, experiment with test marketing campaigns, and experiment with exact and phrase keywords to ensure your Web site is profitable and stays profitable.


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