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04, September 2017: 

{Check out Katherine's Tips} 

Hi, are my girls beautiful, how are you? Here is Katherine and today I want to share with you some tips, and reveal an INDEED secret of how I learned how to make reindeer eyebrows in a very easy, quick and effective way. So I ask that you stay with me only 3 minutes because it is super important that you read this article until the end. First of all, let's answer some common questions that many women have doubts, things like the henna eyebrow, how long it lasts, what the value, if anyone can do. All these questions I will reply in this post super fast... 

What is Henna's Eyebrow? How to Make Rena's Eyebrow 

Rena's Eyebrow is nothing more than a technique used to repair some eyebrow faults. Made from a 100% natural product, temporary stay, it has an easy application on the eyebrows. 

How long does Rena's eyebrow last? 

The henna is a kind of coloration that fixes on the hair and lasts about 15 days and has no contraindication of the product, besides making temporary tattoos the henna also helps to disguise imperfections. Not every woman has the perfect eyebrow, some are shallow and others are flawed. The henna eyebrow helps to disguise for a few days the imperfections having to be retouched every 15 days approximately and decreasing the time of retouching according to the number of applications already performed, if you have the thin eyebrow and almost no hairs a henna fills everything giving a great finish. 

How much? What is the Value of the Application? 

This also depends a lot on your location, but on average beauty professionals charge around $ 40 to $ 60.00 to perform the application of henna. 

Who can do Rena's Eyebrows? 

If you want to correct blemishes or maybe your eyebrow is thin, the use of henna is ideal, only women who are pregnant who can not apply because henna is rich in lead, and the age most suitable to start the application is at least 15 years. Now that you know and all the doubts have been answered, I will reveal to you where you can learn how to become an eyebrow expert, and thereby earn a lot of money. 

How To Make Reindeer Eyebrow Secret Revealed UNEDLE! 

Well beautiful as you know I've been eyebrow design for a few years, and I really love my job and a lot of people always ask me where I learned the profession, and when I tell them, 99% do not believe. That's because I graduated through an online course, that's right, I did not have to leave home to study. When I say that people do not believe it, because my work is almost perfect (nobody is perfect, right?). And that's the secret I want to tell you. No need to spend money horrors with face-to-face courses to become a professional who stands out, if your goal is to learn how to make reindeer eyebrows, you can be sure that this tip will help you a lot. 

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