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How You Can Learn Indian Etiquettes While Traveling

Many Indian cities are known for their mannerism and etiquettes, some of them are Hyderabad, Lucknow, etc. If you are a foreigner in India, you will spend a majority of your time wondering how people behave in the country. You don’t have to learn the rocket science to understand that Indian etiquettes are much more guest-friendly than many other nations in the world. To begin with, let us know about a few things that you will learn in India:


Namaste is the common greeting that you will find in India. People just say it with a smile or fold their palms together to indicate their respect for anyone, even if you are elder or younger to them. You may often find people with same gender hugging and kissing in public, but it does not mean that they are homosexuals. Unlike the West, touching the opposite gender in any way is considered offensive here, but doing so with the same gender is absolutely fine.

Sharing food

Although sharing food from your plate with anyone in the group was considered ill-mannerism until a few years ago, it is now a part of social life in India. Even if you are an acquaintance with someone, you will get offers from them to share their food. Even if you hesitate eating from their tiffin box or plate, they will insist on it. It represents their hospitable behavior unlike the Western countries where no one parts with their food. Moreover, you will often find people happy to pay for your meal once or twice at least if you are new to their city. The elder members of a family are known to be the leader of the house, and they would never let anyone take out money from their wallet.

The personal questions

It is not possible for any human being not to be judgmental about other people, so are the Indians. They cannot resist themselves from asking too personal questions about your marriage, income, kids, and even home address. They want to know things about you so as to decide how they should talk to you. Moreover, they are often curious about the family and professional life of foreigners, which is why they do not mind asking such questions.

Maintaining hygiene

Although India has a history of impeccable cleanliness, the sad reality of today’s times is that not many Indians maintain hygiene in public. You can often see people spreading filth, spitting, and stabbing cigarettes in public places. They do not give it a second thought before spreading grime even at clean places. Only strict imposition of monetary fine has been able to stop them, like in the Delhi Metro. However, there are people who like to follow self-imposed rules to throw trash only when they find a dustbin.

Whether you hire Self-Drive Cars in Hyderabad, board a train, or drive an airplane, you will see Indians of all sorts who will amaze you to any extent. It may be a humbling experience for a foreigner to embrace the Indian culture, but it is indeed a pleasure to do so.


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