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How To Use 4 Twitter Analytics Tools To Improve The Effectiveness of Twitter Ads

How to use 4 Twitter analytics tools? Let's talk about improving the effectiveness of Twitter advertising through social media examiner Dev Sharma.
#1: Run a keyword search to export a new outlook list
Followerwonk is a service from Moz's SEO planner. This useful analysis tool can save you a lot of time, such as finding key influencers or exploring demographics of followers. The tool is free to use, but is limited for users who don't need $29 a month.
Followerwonk search Bios tab results
Followerwonk stands out for its high quality insights. It identifies followers of your account based on region and their browsing patterns, which can help you maximize your participation potential. You can also find influential people based on your field, which can help you interact and connect with large industry figures.
Followerwonk's algorithm also evaluates the social authority of the account. This feature is very important when you're trying to identify influential people, focus on your competitors, and monitor your progress on the site.
However, the biggest feature of Followerwonk is the bio-keyword search function. If you enter a set of keywords in the search field, you can find the most authoritative tweets on the topic and seamlessly compare the strategies. You can also use this amazing feature to fine-tune users who might be interested in your product or service.
For example, suppose you have developed a new social media tool that helps people schedule and cross-publish content. Now you are looking for someone who might check your tools and eventually sign up for a paid plan. To find the right person, enter a set of keywords that will help you convert people working on social media into Followerwonk's Search Bios feature.
Followerwonk Search Bios Tab Search
For example, your keywords might include the following: social media experts, social media consultants, social media managers, social media professionals, and more. To match the exact keyword, enclose your key phrase in quotation marks (ie type "social media expert"). Searching for "social media experts" shows more than 5,100 people. You can narrow down the results by clicking on the More option.
Followerwonk Search Bios Results More Options
It's time to export the list as a CSV file to use as your tailored audience. Click the export icon and download the list. Edit the downloaded list and leave a single column with the username.
When you create a Twitter campaign, click Tools and select Segment Manager.
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