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How to Upgrade on Copa Airlines

What to do when you need to upgrade on Copa Airlines booking

Copa Airlines headquartered in Panama city is the flag carrier of Panama which provides its services onto 78 destinations in 32 countries across the continents North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean and provides exciting offers to its passengers. So if you need to make Copa Airlines Booking, you can do it in the following ways:

  • Go to Copa Airlines website.

  • Click on the radio button that you can find next to round trip, one way or multi city.

  • Then, click on Search button.

  • Once you have clicked on the Search button, the search results shows you the flights according to the date and time that you had entered.

  • Provide further information to book your ticket and make payment to finalise your booking.

But, if your booking has been finalised and you need to upgrade your Copa Airlines Booking, you can do it in following ways:

  • The first and foremost thing that you need to do is log into Copa Airlines website.

  • On the homepage only , you can look for the option Manage your booking.

  • On the Manage your booking option, enter last name and reservation number or e ticket and click on Search button.

  • Since, you need to upgrade your booking, follow the on -screen instruction to make changes into your booking.

Or, you can go through following ways and make an upgrade:

  • On the search bar of your search engine, type how to make an upgrade in Copa Airlines.

  • Click on the link of Upgrade to Business class that has been given by Copa Airlines.

  • The link directs you to the page FlyUp and on this page, you can request for upgrade, you are required to enter reservation number and last name and then, click on Apply button.

  • Since, Copa Airlines has only two classes Economy and Business, you can directly upgrade to Business class.

  • Make payment through credit/debit card.

  • Once you are done with the payment, you need to review your information and if you have any offer, you can send the offer to Copa Airlines and you get an email that confirms that Copa Airlines has received your offer.

  • A mail is sent from the Copa Airlines in which you can find the link using which you can change or cancel the offer.

  • Copa Airlines lets you know if your Copa Airlines booking request for upgrading has been approved or not between 48 -12 hrs prior to departure of flight. In case, the upgrade has been rejected, then, no charge is applied.

  • FlyUp program does not affect the complimentary upgrades that are given to ConnectMiles Prefer Members program and the remaining seats under FlyUp program are sold once the complimentary upgrades have been conceded .

  • When you are making an upgrade and if you see Instant Upgrade button, this signifies that your booking is eligible for making an instant upgrade and you can opt for this option once you have paid a fixed amount and thus, your upgrade is confirmed.

  • If the upgrade has been confirmed, it is charged to the credit card within 24 hrs once upgrade has been applied.

  • Purchase of instant upgrade is subject to availability and is confirmed once the charge becomes effective.

Benefits a passenger is entitled to get once upgraded the Copa Airlines booking to business class:

  • Business class travelers are prioritised members so, they get to pass through priority boarding gates and are entitled to get priority baggage handling.

  • Business class traveler get umpteen priority and maximum comfort with 10, 12 and 16 leather seats.

  • Business class traveler get access to all VIP lounges, Copa clubs and United clubs.

  • Meal service for business class includes liquors, great wines and gastronomical selections as well.

  • When you upgrade to business class, you are entitled to get much more benefit on baggage allowance.


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