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How to recover Microsoft account with two step verification

Microsoft account is a widely used service of Microsoft and is used by most of the internet users. With this user account, you can not only access the Microsoft services but, many other third-party applications can also be accessed. If you are unable to access your Microsoft account or while accessing, access to the account is denied, it could be due to lost or forgotten password. For the recovery of the account password, a commonly used method is two-step verification.
What is two-step verification?
Two-step verification keeps your account protected by making it more difficult for someone else to access your Microsoft account. In this verification, you need to use two types of identity- one is your password, and the other one is the contact method (used as security info). It means if someone has your password, they still can't get into your account without the security info. If you want to keep your account secure and protected, you should use a different password for all the accounts. 
How two-step verification secures the account?
When you turn on two-step verification, you will receive a security code on the email address, phone number or authenticator app, whenever you use a non-trusted device dor signing-in. Whenever you use a new device or new location for accessing your Microsoft account, you will receive the security code.
How to recover Microsoft account?
If you are trying to access your Microsoft account, but there is the error message of access denied, you need to follow the recovery procedure. To recover Microsoft account, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:
In the first step, browse the account recovery page of Microsoft.
Then, you need to enter the username or phone number for the account.
Click, Request a code, which will be received on the phone number or email address. 
Further, you will receive two codes for the option of two-step verification. 
You can now enter the code in the given field and click, Next.
Finally, you can recover your account password and sign-in to Microsoft account.
If you still have any query related to Microsoft account recovery, contact the technical support. The executives in the support will assist you with all the Microsoft related queries. You can reach out to them using phone number, email or live chat. All the details to contact the support team is provided on the official website of Microsoft and their services are available round the clock.


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