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How to recover Facebook account without phone number or email

 Steps to  Recover Facebook Account Password without phone number or email
Facebook is a free online social media application with millions of user , based in America.It is an excellent source of communication so you can communicate with anyone in this whole wide world.It is very popular application mostly among youth.Facebook account is easy to access,allows you to connect with anyone in the world with a facebook account and it is free,this is the main reason facebook users increasing rapidly day by day.
Benefits of having a Facebook Account-
Facebook is a tool of communication with entertainment.You can do lots of activities and also get the knowledge from all over world,if you have a facebook account.Here, some benefits of facebook application-
Create a facebook and you can stay connected to your family and friends, who live far from you.
On facebook you can chat with many people at one time and you can also use its video chat feature.
 There are several of pages and groups on facebook that you can follow according to your interest such as music,art,photography,motivational quotes,dance,crafts,fashion,cooking and many more.
Facebook is not only for chat but it is a great platform to promote your skills and share his views.
You can also recruit through facebook and for marketing purpose ,facebook can be useful to create a brand.
Process of Facebook Account Recovery without phone number or email
If you’ve forgot your account password and can’t access your facebook account ,you can recover your facebook account password.But if you can’t recover your password with phone number and email and wants to know about “how to recover facebook account without phone number or email” , then you need to follow these steps listed below to get a recovery for your password-
First open the facebook application and go to the home page
Click on the “having trouble? “  option.
To identify your account, you need to follow steps given on the page.
If you have setup trusted contacts, you will have a chance to recover your account.
Call three of your trusted contacts , and them to visit this link -
Then your each friend will give you a code 
Enter those codes and continue to recover your account password.
If you didn’t setup trusted contacts then you have to answer the security question and reset your password instantly then access your account.


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