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How to recognize an original Persian Rug?

To Buy Persian Rugs are important investments because it is necessary to evaluate the proposals and it is necessary a deep reflection before the final choice.

If any store claims that they are Authentic Persian Rugs Store, how to identify that you are going to buy the genuine rugs.

Being a major investment the product must be resistant, aesthetically pleasing, but above all sustainable over time.

How to recognize an original Persian carpet is a problem and more and more people are victims of scammers who, to sell, lie on the true quality and provenance of the product.

In order not to be deceived and to make the right purchase, it is necessary to understand what are the elements to observe to understand if the carpet in question is authentic?

The four points below allow us to discover, independently, if the carpet we are observing is original.

Flexibility test:

A first attempt is to bend a piece of carpet, if it folds with ease it is an authentic Persian carpet, handmade, on the contrary, it is made by machine.

Made from natural fibers:

The difference in flexibility is due to the use of different fibers: in the case of original carpets, the fibers are natural, in the case of a false the fibers are synthetic.

Control the height of the snowflake:

The flake is the set of threads of the carpet, its hair that is created as a result of many knots. The height of the flake depends on the one who makes it and it depends on the degree of flexibility that one wants to obtain.

Pressing with a finger on the flake:

An effective test to discover the authenticity of a carpet is that of pressing with a finger on the flake: If moving the locks of wool we see the threads and knots, it means that the carpet in question is original.

Handmade Persian rugs have higher snowflake areas and lower areas, this imprecision is synonymous with natural and artisanal in the case of carpets made mechanically, the carpet has a flake of uniform height.

For the purchase of a rug from Authentic Persian Rugs Store, the best advice to follow is that of addressing a serious company. These tips can help to be more critical and acquire a minimum of skill, but the value of a rug remains very difficult to define.

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