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In recent days, some of the marketers have an unhealthy obsession with their marketing strategies where they track out with many unwanted tricks. We can improve the marketing campaign with the eye-grabbing percentage by the time. But getting deep into Youtube marketing we can come to a positive conclusion that some of the metrics are suggestive than others.

Read the complete article to know more about the Youtube metrics that matter a lot to enhance your video strategy!


#1 Make a watch time for your video:

Watch time is the total time spent by the viewers for watching your videos. It’s a key factor because Youtube boosts up the videos and channels with the higher watch times in their search results and recommendation section. Youtube works with the algorithm stating that finitely if video post has more watch time then engaging rate also increases ultimately. 

Considering the watch time report, you can check the total amount of watch time for your videos that have been accumulated. Ranking of the videos is based on the watch time and group your videos based on the themes, style, and length to determine your engaging rate for your videos.


#2 Youtube videos need a perfect engagement rate:

A lot of qualitative information can be obtained from the audience’s point of view by receiving comments, shares, likes, and dislikes for Youtube marketers. 

  • Comments can sketch your video’s emotional effect from your viewers.

  • Shares can measure how much the audience count your content and brand. Also, the audience who publicly publishing your content might be possibly trusting and supporting your brand.

  • Likes and dislikes help to identify which genre topic worked well with the specific set of audience. 


#3 What is the Average Percentage Viewed:

Defines as the percentage of each video where the average viewer watched it. This helps to measure the video’s ability to withstand your viewer’s attention completely. Then choose to buy Youtube likes that build audience trust than expected. When the Youtube algorithm understands that your video can withstand the audience’s attraction then they’ll reward it with the higher search and rankings rate. Also, you can find this factor in your watch time report.


#4 Perform an efficient Keyword Research:

In Youtube’s search report, it works under the traffic sources report where you can see the most famous questions guiding viewers to your videos. If these queries are slightly varying from other video’s niche, then try to update your video to fill these content gaps with the effective keywords to your metadata. If there’s absolute variation, then consider making a new video about the popular queries! 


#5 Optimize your account for Playlist Engagement:

Playlists are a great way to arrange your videos profitably. It helps your audience easily use the videos to pick up their favorite niches and assist them to watch that ultimately increments the watch time for your channel.

You can find the engagement of your playlist by analyzing two different factors in Youtube’s playlists report

a) Number of Views per playlist b) average time in the playlist

A) The number of views per playlist: It is the average number of video views where your playlists are collected together.

B) Average time in the playlist: It is the average count of time that the audience viewed the videos from your playlist. 



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