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How to Overcome the Panic of Driving on Freeways

Driving on the expressways in India may become a cause of anxiety and panic for many drivers, even the seasoned car users. After the inauguration of the Mumbai-Pune expressway spanning over 94 kilometers in 2002, several other freeways have been constructed in the country. The longest freeway in India is the one connecting Agra and Lucknow, at present, and dozens of other such constructions are still in the pipeline. No doubt that the government of the country is on its way to connect the entire nation through these marvelous constructions, but most people in India are not trained enough to drive on them with confidence. Even after more than a decade of the existence of such superhighways, we need to be educated to have the best driving experience without losing the nerve. Nevertheless, until the entire driving population of India attains confidence to drive on the expressways, let us make an attempt to overcome the panic.

The span of driving

On standard highways of India, you cannot drive beyond a speed of 90-100 kilometers per hour. However, driving at a constant minimum speed of 120-140 kilometers per hour for several hours at a stretch with all your attention can be exhausting mentally as well as physically. And weariness resulting from driving will never let you have complete focus on the road. Although you may want to enjoy driving for the entire stretch of the expressway and reach your destination, it is better to give a resist your temptations and take frequent breaks. Driving for 300-400 kilometers in one go can be tiring for the driver as well as passengers, so you can plan your breaks for using washrooms and visiting restaurants. The signboards for the deviations on the expressways are placed on the sides before a few meters, which gives you enough time to think and decide whether you want to halt your car or not. You can start afresh after you are done stretching your body for a few minutes.

The first-time experience of driving on the expressways

Many drivers take their first attempt on the expressways, which may make them feel nervous for a while. Feeling slightly anxious is perfectly normal for anyone. However, to avoid any situation of over-panicking, you can keep your car in the slower, non-passing lane and increase the speed gradually. However, do not drive too slowly because it may pose a threat to others on the road. It is better to have another driver with you in the car, who can advise you on when you change lanes and increase speed.

Do not compete  

You may see hundreds of cars triggering at a constant speed of more than 100 kilometers, but you must not forget that you are not there on the freeways to grab the award of the Best Driver in India. The Hyderabad-Vijayawada Expressway, for instance, spans over 300 kilometers. It is indeed one of the best places to enjoy driving, but you need to understand your capabilities of maneuvering your car. Drive at a pace that you are okay with if you feel that keeping in line with other cars is making you feel nervous. Keeping your car under complete control also gives you time to slam the brakes whenever needed.


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