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How to Overcome Muscle Pain and Stiffness with Herbal Massage Oil?

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of factors responsible for abnormalities in metabolism which leads to inflammation and obesity, and raises blood glucose and triglycerides. Leptin(responsible for energy expenditure) levels or deficiency of leptin receptors are correlated to pain in the lower limb in osteoarthritis. Inflammatory adipokines cause the production of enzymes responsible for cartilage degradation and studies find the problem of joint pain and dysfunctions involves a series of pathological processes where the knee and hand joints are more associated with systemic metabolic changes as compared to hip joint osteoarthritis. So how to prevent such metabolic changes and how to overcome muscle pain and stiffness?

Hypothalamus is connected to the nervous system and the endocrine, and it controls the autonomic nervous system which plays a central role in metabolism. A person feels thirst, hunger, changes in body temperatures, and emotions due to these functions. Massage promotes dilation of blood vessels by constricting blood and limiting the leakages of blood into the surrounding tissues and it can be used to control the functions of hypothalamus as well as metabolic functions.

Massage can help in gastrointestinal conditions by releasing tension of intestinal and abdomen muscles, reducing bloating and stimulating peristalsis. The practice of varying rhythm and movements promotes movement of tissues and joints. Lymphatic massage is known for providing ways to get rid of body’s excess fluids to promote weight loss. Rumoxil capsules and oil contains ingredients which if taken orally and used in massage can help to melt fat from body.

Herbal mechanisms of massage, relaxations and herbal pills e.g. Rumoxil capsules can provide long-term relief form painful symptoms. The bio compounds in the herbs as in the capsules -Vanda Roxburghii, Colchicum Inteum, Zingiber Officinale, Myristica Fragrans, Balsamodendron Mukul, Withania Somnifera, Matricaria chamomilla exert anti-mutagenic properties where it can work against micro-infections, toxins and exogenous compounds having a significant role in metal chelating that helps to provide best ways to how to overcome muscle pain and stiffness.

Vanda Roxburghii has the compound gigantol that works as bibenzyle compound and displays anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These herbs are immune modulatory and prevent immune reactions that cause pain.

Mesuaxanthone A and B are two compounds in Mesua Ferrea having anti inflammatory effects. Research states the variant A was able to reduce inflammation by 46 percent and variant B by 49 percent in laboratory tests on rats (in cotton pellet granuloma test).

The herb such as Argyreia Speciosa has significant anti-inflammatory activities where it can work against formalin induced arthritis in rats (tested in lab) and depicted analgesic properties. These herbs could improve metabolism and nerve functions to provide relief from such painful conditions.

Matricaria chamomilla contains bio-chemicals apigenin which is a type of biapigenin and it works as neuro protective agent that can prevent calcium buildup inside the neural mitochondria. The compounds have anti inflammatory properties where it can suppress the induction of NO synthesis.

These are some of the ingredients of the herbal Rumoxil capsules that provide alternative and safer ways to how to overcome muscle pain and stiffness.

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