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How to Market Your Online Adult Product Website?

Digital marketing has truly revolutionized various industrial sectors across the globe. The best digital marketing practices can increase both the reach as well as the ROI of a company significantly. Marketing on the internet is a pretty straightforward process for normal day to day services and products. However, marketing adult products and services is a little tricky. Studies suggest that 25% of total searches every day are related to adult content. Therefore, the marketplace is extremely competitive.

You need to be extremely cautious in marketing adult products and websites on the internet. Even the slightest mistake can attract a heavy penalty or a complete ban from multiple search engines. If you have an online adult product website, you can use the following technique to market it today.

Add Safety Filters

Safety filters must be added to your marketing campaign as a precautionary measure. The addition of safety filters will make sure that your adult website content is not visible to the kids. In case you forget to do this, Google may show this content to kids and adults alike. It may then be flagged by a person as inappropriate within minutes thereby imposing a heavy penalty on your campaign.

Note: The safety filters are necessary for all adult entertainment and product websites. So, when you launch a marketing campaign for the adult product website, make sure that all the images and content have the right meta tags. You should not add irrelevant meta tags to your images just to get more views.

Focus on the USPs of the Products

Identification of the USPs (Unique Selling Points) for your products will help you select the relevant topics for content development. For example, you can focus on the quality, affordability and design of the products. Performing a competitive analysis will help you look at the various USPs of the competition. You can then select the most attractive keywords from their content and incorporate them into yours.

You can also conduct focus group sessions with your prospects/customers to find out what they like/dislike about your product.  

Select the Right Partners

Partners can help you reach new customers easily. They can provide you with the necessary platform for growth on the internet via digital marketing. You won’t find a lot of websites that accept guest posts and advertisements from adult entertainment websites. Under such circumstances, you need to scour the market for the right partners who can help you grow.

A few websites that sell adult entertainment content and products will readily accept your guest posts and offer backlinks to your websites. These backlinks will help you strengthen the reliability index and SEO-friendliness of the website. You might also want to partner up with a famous pornstar who can vouch for your products. This partnership will help you reach prospects who visit the adult entertainment websites regularly.

Use Adult Traffic Generation Platforms

If you are not sure on how to proceed with marketing for the adult product website, you can hire professional help from adult traffic generation platforms. Some of the most popular ad networks that the top adult entertainment websites use include ExoClick, AdXpansion, Ero-Advertising, etc. These ad networks have a long list of partners in the adult entertainment industry. You can leverage these contacts to post your advertisement on multiple networks.

Most of these ad networks have dedicated digital marketing experts working on their teams. These experts can guide you on how to design your ad campaigns and add the necessary safety filters to prevent a ban from Google.

Add Testimonials from Existing Customers

Testimonials and reviews from your existing customers can help you increase the reliability of the business by a significant amount. These reviews can also add the necessary keywords to your web pages that increase the SEO-friendliness of the page. The testimonials are a great way to expand your business and attract more customers. It works like word-of-mouth publicity on the internet. Studies show that U.S. companies lose more than 62 Billion USD of business every year due to poor customer service. Therefore, if you want to get new customers while retaining the old ones, you need to provide excellent customer service.

You can showcase the testimonials in the ads as well as on the homepage of your website. Gathering testimonials is simple. However, if you are not getting enough reviews from your existing customers, incentivize the process of review collection. This way, your customers will feel valued and they will not hesitate in giving you a glowing recommendation on the internet.

The quality of textual and graphical content on your ads play a major role in the overall success of the ad campaign. Hiring a freelance content developer and graphic designer is the boost your marketing campaigns.



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