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How to know the IP address of Extender?

A wireless range expander extends the area your wireless network can cover. The IP address of a wireless range expander is necessary because it allows you to load up a Web-based access page remotely and edit relevant settings. Without this access page, you wouldn't be able to edit the setting or contours. That is like having a personal network but not being able to input any data. Various manufacturers use separate default IP addresses so this guide will teach you how to find static IP address.

Finding the IP Address

  • Set up the wireless range expander next to a computer with a wired controller.
  • Plug the wire into the wireless range expander and then into the network.
  • Click the Start menu key and go to the Run command.
  • Enter cmd into the box to bring up the command prompt.
  • Type in IP config without the reference marks to bring up the default gateway settings.

Write down the numbers next to the options that say Default Gateway. The numbers listed represent the IP address for the wireless range adapter. However, these days you need to log in and at least set up a reliable password for your WiFi network that is complex than the one allowed by default. In addition, it’s a good idea to replace the router password also, so that someone else attached to your network can’t log into your router and change settings. If you’re already connected to the wireless network, then it’s really easy to figure out the IP address of the router. If you’re not connected to WiFi, you must have access to a connection. Lastly, if you have no link to the network, you can still get basic knowledge about wireless networks using a WiFi exposure tool.

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Firmware Upgrade on Router?

Your router has its own firmware that it runs in order to provide wireless or wired connectivity to your devices. The tool is rarely used from an exact GUI but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need software to run it. It appears the device that runs a firmware; it too requires to be upgraded from time to time. Ideally, you should upgrade your router’s firmware whenever an update is accessible. An upgrade will help reduce defects, make your router more stable, and maybe even add a unique characteristic.

Router firmware upgrades are limited. Unlike PC or mobile operating systems, or the firmware of IoT or wearable devices, a router’s firmware doesn’t upgrade on a daily cycle. Your router manufacturer will deliver an update when needed.

Upgrade Router Firmware

Upgrading the router firmware is easy method but because few people know their way around the admin panel of their router, it seems like the method is more complicated than it really is. You may need to attach to your router via a wire so keep one handy just in case.

Download Firmware Update

You can enter the admin panel for your router from your desktop using just your internet browser. You can use just about any browser that you have. The only thing you need to know is your router’s IP. To find the IP, open Command Prompt or Terminal and run the following command.

In the erudition that this command returns, look for the Default Gateway entry and note down the IP address. Enter this link in your web browser to access the panel.

Enter the username and password for your router’s admin panel.

Download and Install the Router Firmware

Brand-new routers will likely make it is simple to download and install the firmware immediately from within the router central console. Some routers may require that you first save the file to your network and then choose the firmware file via the command console. Despite the method, make sure you are downloading undeviatingly from the operator or from another trusted source. If possible, scan the file for malware before performing the firmware upgrade.


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