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How to Have a Good Time in Delhi

You have got to be living under a rock if you say that Delhi is so boring. Please come out of the cave and discover the awesomeness of this capital of India. Delhi is such a dynamic city that keeps evolving every day. Even if you spend an entire lifetime in this city, you will always find something new to discover. Once you come to Delhi, you cannot keep calm, and it is entirely understandable. The first few days are just too awesome to stay unruffled and you may want to discover every place as soon as possible. Then again, if you are here to spend a long time for job or studies, you will sort out your favorite things to do soon, and avoid the rest.

Visit the museums

If your mind craves for knowledge, the museums of Delhi are the best place to seek gen. Doll museum, toilet museum, rail museum, and Nehru planetarium are just a few places where you can find loads of information about various themes. Schools and colleges often take their students for excursions to these museums. Make sure you check the timings of the museum you intend to visit.

Adventure sports

Pick any weekend and choose your destination to have that adrenalin rush in your body. You can do rock climbing on artificial mountains; you will get the required equipment and training required. If you are willing to push yourself and check your limits, you must go to The Indian Mountaineering Foundation Adventures. You can also explore the Paintball Co. in Gurugram and have a good day out.

Food options

No one can die hungry in Delhi even if they have 50 INR in pocket. You can have a party with your friends somewhere outside or at home with a small amount of money. If your pocket allows you to be extravagant, limits do not exist in the Indian capital city. You can go to any restaurant or club according to your convenience, and you will find the most delectable food in the country. You can also party with your friends if you love dancing.


Although the traffic in Delhi is quite maddening, a cycle is the fastest way to reach anywhere you want. You can see the best of the city during winters as you go on a bicycle. You need to get up early in the morning to see the best sights of the city. However, it requires significant stamina to peddle for hours on the go. Moreover, you must not go for cycling without safety gear. You may buy or rent a cycle in Delhi from many places.

Road trips 

Since you may not have a car in Delhi, you don’t need to buy one either. You can use self car rental in Delhi, take a metro, auto-rickshaws, and cabs to go anywhere you want. There are historical monuments, restaurants, adventure activities, museums, and many other places to go. Transportation is not a problem in Delhi and NCR as you have several options to choose from.

Walk around

When the weather is pleasant, nothing like going for a walk in Delhi. Connaught Place, Mehrauli, CR Park, and many other localities allow you to go for an extended stroll for hours at a stretch, provided you can manage to walk. You must carry a bottle of water with you, and you may have food on the go, as you spot different eateries.

The idea of fun is different for every person. You can explore any of the above options and find out what suits you.



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