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How to Get Your Office Life on Track after a Long Vacation

Even before you left for your extended vacation, you knew that it will be challenging to get back on track. After months of vacationing or freelancing, you don’t know how to adjust to your surroundings again. Everything seems so superficial and you just don’t want to work, but alas, you have to! Let us see how you can cope with the strange normal world and get back to schedule.

Give yourself a day to relax

When you come home after weeks or months of vacation, you will have a lot of unpacking and laundry to do. Yes, you will feel too lazy to work, but you can do these menial tasks at leisure. There are no deadlines to unpack your luggage or wash the dirty clothes; take your time and do these chores with some music. While cleaning the house, you will get used to see those old things again. You can sleep for hours after the jet lag or a long road journey. Try to come on Saturday instead of Sunday so that your body gets accustomed to, what they call, life.

Work slowly

When you go to office, you will receive a lot of smiling faces eager to know about your vacation, along with a huge heap of emails. Don’t get frustrated over so much work, and sort them out one-by-one. Pick one task at a time, and complete it. You will never be able to complete everything on your first day, so it is futile to even think of it. When you get used to your routine, you will gain your old pace. Although no one would like to see you sleeping on your desk, just maintain a decent tempo of work.

Make a checklist

At the cost of a leisurely holiday or cool-off period, you would hate to be labelled as an underachiever. That is why; it is important to delegate your task to someone else in your team, especially if you are the only person handling your profile. Secondly, make a to-do list of what you need to do in your office when you join. Utilize an hour of your day at home preparing at home about the things that need to be done. You can take help from your teammates and colleagues regarding the same.

Talk to your friends

When you are at home the day before office, call any of your friends whom you love talking to. You will invariably want to talk about your vacation time in India, how you took Innova for hire for Self Drive in Chennai, and the way you managed to live in a dingy hostel. Everyone wants to have someone who would listen to these tales without complaining. Nonetheless, the fact is that not everyone wants to listen about your blissful holiday, not because they are jealous, but they cannot relate to your tales and experiences. That is why; it is better not to blabber too much about your past few days and chat about how your friend’s life is going on. Try to ask honest questions and know how they are doing. Depending on how long you have been out of your city, you will take time to reconnect to people. Give that time and you will easily get back to those usual people, neighborhood, and office.

Going out for an extended vacation is easy, but returning home is challenging. Everyone faces those blues after coming back, so embrace them. Look forward to another vacation, rather than regretting that the previous holiday is over. You will soon have another road trip!



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