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How to Get Rid of Joint Pain and Swelling with Herbal Anti-Inflammatory Oil?

Metabolic syndrome refers to several health factors such as diabetes, hypertension, dyslipiaemia, obesity etc, where the body is in a state of chronic inflammation and has increase in the level of macrophages in the fat tissues. These conditions are detrimental for cartilage metabolism and raise the risk of cardiovascular conditions. White adipose tissues produce adipokines (e.g. leptin, chemerin, resistin) and inflammatory cytokines (e.g. interleukin, tumor necrosis factor). Interleukin is strongly related to obesity and both adipokines and cytokines are linked to osteoarthritis and metabolic syndrome. To know how to get rid of joint pain and swelling, it is essential to improve gut function.

In general, massage helps to enhances metabolism by improving blood circulation and enhancing the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the body parts. Massage promotes the feeling of relaxation and relief from pains. It decreases cortisol and increases dopamine and serotonins through pressure mechanism where one manipulates organ system by releasing muscular tension, reducing pain, improving metabolism, stimulating sensory receptors, enhancing flexibility and a range of motion, circulation and flexibility. Herbal anti-inflammatory oil massage e.g. Rumatone Gold oil can provide bio ingredients that gets into the skin to provide long term relief from joint pain, inflammation and stiffness.

How to get rid of joint pain and swelling using herbal anti-inflammatory oil? Oil extract from plants have anti-inflammatory properties and there are other benefits which, subsequently, helps in joint pain. Properties of some of the plant extracts, used in Rumatone Gold oil, are mentioned below-

Evolvulus Alsinoides contains kaempferol glycosides having anti-obesity and anti-diabetic properties. The component is also of assistance in case of brain injury and neuro inflammation. kaempferol is a kind of flavonoids used in a range of medicinal cures including gastritis disorders, colorectal disorders, bladder, pancreatic problems and diabetes.

A study claims its intake reduces risk of mortality in men suffering from coronary heart conditions. The plant extract was tested on rat model in laboratory for arthritis cure and it was found that its intake suppressed inflammation. At cellular level, immune suppression was observed in laboratory rats in the initial phase of arthritis.

Celastrus Paniculatus cures intestinal and cognitive disorders. Research finds the methanolic extract of the plant preserves DNA from oxidative damage at a lower concentration.

Acorus Calamus oil provides ways to how to get rid of joint pain and swelling as it excels in treating neuropathic pain. Its action involves interaction with GABAA receptors, while, the key bio component in the plant is B-asarone. A specified process of purification is adopted in Ayurvedic cures to get the exact purified form that has analgesic properties and stimulates lipolysis to prevent obesity. It prevents gamma ray damage to tissues.

Cassia Tora seed oil contains Oleic Acid, Lignoceric Acids, Stearic Acid and Palmitic Acid. It has anti-inflammatory properties against histamines. The leaves and seed extracts are used in the treatment of skin ailments, infections, flatulence and constipation.

Nardostachys Jatamansi as in the herbal anti-inflammatory oil works as relaxant, anti-stress and anti-epileptic. It contains compounds which are potent MAPK inhibitor (e.g. endotoxin stress, pancreatitis etc.). Its oil has aromatic properties and can be used for nootropic effects.

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