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How to get more income in studies

Whoever is going to give a college entrance exam has to be well prepared. And to have greater income in studies, the income is simple: the systematization of studies.
It is no use to study the same subject for 3 to 4 hours in a row, according to, as is the custom of young people.
That way, it runs out and does not see all the content. In the vestibular, all disciplines are important. If you go to Engineering, for example, it's no use studying mathematics and physics alone. If you fail in Chemistry and Biology, you will not enter college. It's better to know a little of everything than anything at all.
Thus, the order is clear: to systematically study the same disciplines, in the same order as the day's classes.
That is, if you had 50 minutes of history class, you will study the same 50 minutes of history in the contraturno. When the alarm clock rings, jump to the next item, even if you have not finished all the exercises. Over the weekend, it complements the studies with the subjects of greater difficulty and a good reading, to prepare for the writing.
For a higher yield in studies say goodbye to gadgets.
Computer, telephone, radio, music are tools that hinder more than they help in studies. If a college dorm is studying and listening to music, even if it is not paying attention to the lyrics of the song, the subconscious is processing.
When the song stops, it will flee from what it was seeing, it will lose concentration. Who has a good teaching material, does not need so much technology.
You're just going to lose time. Because with the computer on, no one will fail to see the social network warning. It will not focus on the study. Can not concentrate.
But after you finish the study, it does not have any problem. You can play, you can talk, you can listen to music, you can (and should) read a newspaper, a magazine, watch the news. We must not forget that general knowledge is evaluated - especially in writing and history tests.
No one needs to study 24 hours a day. And nobody needs to know everything to pass the entrance exam. That is not the idea.
Sleeping from seven to eight hours a night is another important recommendation.
No use spending the night studying. It will not pass the exam. Arrives in May, June, this student is already exhausted. It does not produce more. He has to know how to dose his studies all year long, to get to the entire university entrance exam. Because he slept well, rested, stood up. Otherwise you will study the entire dawn and, the next day, go to sleep in class. It's no use. It has to be a methodical, balanced study. For this, the sport, physical activity is essential. It is what will give the young man the strength to endure the daily load of studies and the five hours of test in the vestibular.
These are the advices I give to the five thousand students who enter each year in the Positive Course, and in the lectures that minister through the interior wanting greater income in the studies. For those who ask me if this works out, I'll give an example: in Curitiba, 70% of the vacancies are occupied by students of the Positive Course. I think it does.


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