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How to find the perfect metal closure suitable for your products

A bottle closure is basically any device used to seal the contents of the product inside the bottle. These closures protect the content from spills, dust, evaporation and other elements of the atmosphere. The earliest closures known to man are corks used to plug wine bottles which is still in use. Whereas other products have moved on to metal closures with the advent of products in tin cans since the world wars.

Metal closures had a relatively little time since their inception but have become refined in a narrow time frame. Some of the older ones like the lightning closures invented in the 1870s are still being used effectively. It has evolved to such an extent now that using the correct closure determines the type of packing one can use for a product and not the other way round.

As of date, there is such a variety of metal closures available that at times it becomes confusing to pick one for your product. Thousands of designs of metal closures are patented every year adding to this huge list. Though only a handful of them have achieved widespread popularity based mainly on their simplicity of use, manufacturing ease and effectiveness to protect the contents. Let us read about a few of the most famous metal closures below and the products that these tin can closures work best.

The twist or lug closure is the most popular with the food and beverage industry as it provides the best oxygen barrier with a long shelf life. It can also be used for hot as well as cold filling of the product and allows pasteurization and sterilization process easily. Most manufacturers customise them with a huge range of designs, colours, coatings and profiles to help identify their product easily on a food shelf.

The BRP closures are best for tin can products that can be designed for press on application or a twist removal for easy opening as well as resealing procedure. They are able to protect the freshness of the product and extend the shelf life of food items easily. They are especially employed for baby food products as they have superior tamper resistance and a hygienic construction.

The continuous thread metal closure comes as a tinplate as well as with aluminium making it an even more versatile product. They are widely used for cosmetics, personal care as well as for a few food items that need vacuum. They come in a wide range of height, diameter and size profiles with applications to products that do not require vacuum packing as well. Their newer modifications have the threads hidden inside the closure which coupled with their lightweight nature and an organic aesthetic appeal make them the perfect choice for premium products. Their capability of bold captivating colours and embossments or unique perforation patterns provide the much required marketing needs for such products.

The classic canner is a deep twist closure to give a homely feel to the product. This design guarantees the functionality with a perfect barrier to the atmosphere and can be manufactured with a safety button to indicate a vacuum seal. They come in various sizes and are best employed to carry pharmaceutical as well as food items.


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