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Custom boxes have replaced the dull looking cardboard boxes in every sector. The business entrepreneurs have realized the significance of using custom boxes. It's the reason that they are used for packaging of almost every product you can think. Whether they are household items, food, beverages or any luxurious product, custom boxes are seen all around us. Making them for your brand is not as difficult as you think. You can do-it-yourself or hire a manufacturer to do so. Below are some of the easy steps in creating your custom boxes:
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Choose a Suitable Material:
Selection of a suitable material is mandatory is creating custom packaging boxes. The material you choose depends upon the nature of your product. If your product is lightweight, then a simple paperboard or Kraft paper can be used to make its packaging. Whereas in the case of heavy products or the items prone to damage, cardboard is a preferred choice. It is a sturdy and durable material. It provides ultimate protection to the items acting as pressure-resistant. If your products are to be shipped at a great distance, boxes made up of corrugated cardboard are used. It has great strength and thickness can be increased if needed.
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Work on  the Box Style:
 Before making the custom boxes, it is necessary to work on box style. The style of the box varies according to the type of the product. For example, a custom product box should look sleek and attractive. If you are designing a box for shipping, its structure should be highly durable. In the case of mailer subscription boxes, design them with inserts and side flaps to facilitate the customers in using them. Other box styles include favor boxes, gable boxes, sleeve packaging, and gift boxes etc. All of them are designed in a different way according to the nature of the product. Similarly, if you are designing custom boxes for bakery items, make them extremely easy to carry by introducing handles.
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Finalize the Dimensions:
Working on the dimensions of custom packaging boxes is an important concern, as it enables you to design a perfect sized box for your product. This not only facilitates the customers but also reduces the amount of used raw material for the company. The dimensions should be in accordance with the size of the product. Keep a margin of an inch so that the box remains safe while placing the product inside.
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Design the Internal and External Packaging:
If you wish to create attractive custom printed boxes. The best way is to design them well internally and externally. It has been seen that a number of brand owners do not pay focus on working on its interior. This may lead to a decline in the sales of your product. As customers are always influenced by something innovative so creating some pattern inside the box can make it stand out. You can also use a single color or randomly repeat the print inside the box. This gives a fascinating look to it. The external design of the box includes the selection of colors, fonts, logo, patterns, images and other related information to be going along the box.
Analyze Printing or Other Alternatives:
Printing is the best option for medium or large scale businesses. If you want to create custom printed boxes, analyze various options and techniques. Digital and offset printing are the most common ones. They produce high-quality results even for large order size. Sometimes startups and small businesses do not have much finance to spend on printing. For the other alternatives also exist like custom tape, branded stickers and printed mailer steps. All of them are extremely cost-effective and can convert your package to an attractive one.
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Make Custom Boxes on your own or Hire a Manufacturer:
Making custom boxes on your own is an interesting task. It helps you to gain command over the process in some time. For this purpose, you need to hire some staff to help you out. Purchase cardboard in bulk. Create a setup where you can easily make custom boxes. Gather all the raw material, supplies and printing machinery.Once you have gained experience in the process, buying a custom box making machine can help you to create hundreds of boxes in very less time. Another option is to hire a custom box manufacturer. It provides you with 100% customized packaging solution. Just you have you specify the details and printing requirements. It delivers you with perfectly designed custom boxes at your doorstep.
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