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How to Choose Best Tyres for Your Bike

Tyres are one of the basic parts of bikes and are the only component, which make contact with the road. It makes it essential to choose quality and right kind of tyres for your bike. High performing and quality Tyres improve the handling, braking and acceleration of your motorcycle. In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss the essentials of selecting right type of Tyres for your bike without getting too specific or dwelling deep into technicalities.


There are basically five elements or factors that you need to consider while buying two wheeler Tyres:


  1. Tube-type or tubeless

  2. Tread pattern

  3. Size of tyre

  4. Rubber Compound

  5. Overall quality of the tyre


1) Tube-type or Tubeless:


While choosing between tube-type and tubeless tyres, you should always choose tubeless ones as they are much more sophisticated and safer to use in comparison to tube-type tyres. Further, they have various other advantages also.


2) Tread Pattern


Selecting the tread pattern of your bike tyres is an important task. Tread pattern of a bike tyre plays a chief role in deciding your overall driving experience, as they are accountable for the performance of your bike in diverse weather conditions.


3) Size of the Tyres


While buying bike tyres online, you should pay special attention to their size. In addition, for that you should be aware how to read perfectly the size of a tyre. It is usually given on the sidewall of a tyre and is written in a standardized manner. You can also guess the size of your tyre by rim size, tread width and sidewall height.


4) Rubber Compound


The rubber compound, which is used in manufacturing of the tyre, is the most significant criteria to consider while purchasing a bike tyre. It is accountable for the traction and the tread wear attributes of a tyre. If you purchase a tyre that is formed of high quality material, then the grip and the speed of the tyre will be high.


5) Overall quality of the tyre:


There are a few things to consider while buying a new set of Tyres for your bike. They are:


i) Reputation of the manufacturer


Buying bike tyres from a reputable manufacturer makes huge difference in this scenario. You should also take other people’s view and do thorough research work on the manufacturer. Renowned tyre manufacturers have state-of-the-art manufacturing units and they offer better quality products.


ii) Warranty


You should never purchase a product that does not have a valid warranty period. Read the warranty period and terms carefully before buying bike Tyres.  


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