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How to Care for Coloured Hair: A Simple Guide

When you dye your hair, you sure get much more attention, right? The vibrant hues or even the highlights can add a lot to your style and make you look all the more pretty, isn’t it? Well, when you colour your hair, you also have to pay more attention to their care. If you want your colour to stay for long and stay shiny always, you should make use of special hair care products that are made for coloured hair. Pureology hair products NZ can be a perfect choice for your coloured hair as they are sulphate free and specially manufactured for colour treated hair. Some other tips that can help you get long-lasting colour include:

1. Trim often: While trimming at regular intervals is important even if you don’t have coloured hair but if you have colour treated hair, you should pay more attention to trimming as split ends can ruin your coloured look as well as fade faster.

2. Steer clear of sulphate: Don’t use a shampoo that has sulphate in it as it is not a great option for your colour-treated hair. Pureology NZ is a reliable brand that offers sulphate-free and 100% vegan-friendly products.

3. Avoid Chlorine: If you want to make sure that your colour stays, steer clear of chlorine. When you want to enjoy your day at the pool a swimmer’s cap should be with you.

4. Use warm water instead of hot: While hot water may be comforting to you, it sure isn’t a great option when you have coloured hair. Hot water opens up hair cuticles, making the colour drain.

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