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How to care about oneself during trimester in pregnancy

Pregnancy brings in many changes both physical and mental in a woman. There are lots of things to lookout for when you are pregnant. It is best to plan your pregnancy under supervision of a medical expert. Still there are some basic things to know about taking care of oneself in each trimester of pregnancy. Here we are going to share what to expect when you are pregnant and how to take care of yourself wisely.

First Trimester-Nothing Unusual to Expect

You are most unlikely to experience anything related to pregnancy in the first month of your pregnancy. There is no substantial change in the body or feelings. Even if you are witnessing irregular periods there is no physical changes in the till the first month. However, soon after you can witness a lot of physical changes in your body. It can be exciting as well as wonderful feeling but comes with hormonal turmoil like morning sickness.

Second Trimester-Things Get Interesting

From fourth to sixth month of pregnancy is the second trimester. It is the time of maximum conflict when you are in middle of pregnancy period. You feel increased energy and get really bored if there is not anything engaging to do. It is great time to plan some fun with your routine life.

Third Trimester-Final Stage

In the beginning of 3rd trimester you can keep your life active but as the delivery date closes you are slowed down. It is a time when you cannot do much just to keep yourself comforted on bed. So you need to keep yourself calm and quite in this period.

What Experts Say

According to experts pregnancy is the time when one can explore her womanhood and mature her role to accept motherhood. Try to know yourself as an individual and explore your weaknesses and strengths and use both to be the best mother you can be. You are not helpless when you are pregnant but equipped with enough power to handle everything which comes your way.

You can indulge into following activities to comfort yourself:

  • Take warm water baths with good smelling oils
  • Take plenty of rest
  • You need to be pampered by your partner and don’t shy away from asking for it
  • Avoid getting into frustration or irritation of any kind
  • It’s the best time to see how much your partner is going to support you, leave all the house work for him to handle, you deserve some rest

Take a note of all the points marked here. Many times women think they will have plenty of time after giving birth but it is not so. Once you become a mother don’t expect yourself to be free of responsibilities in the next 18years, well not even after that. Therefore it is best to enjoy your luxury and free during your pregnancy and make most of it. Remember that being a happy and healthy mother is what’s most important.


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