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How to Buy Used Combine Harvester?

When it comes to saving money, buying used farm machine is the best option for the farmers. With the time, the distance of seller and buyer crosses the distance all thanks to online farm equipment buy sell marketplaces. These marketplaces are helping in transport and saving the cost for the buyer.


Let's check out the top five parts that will help any person looking to buy, and to help any trader make sure their combine harvester stands out from the crowd.


  1. The Purpose of Buying
  2. Quality of Combine Machine
  3. Readiness of Machine
  4. Brand Support
  5. Test Drive



The Purpose Of Buying


People often failed to plan properly before going out for buying the machine for their farm work. If we take an example like a combine harvester header, Farmers update them because they want to make it new or make it a bigger machine, If they go buying with these plans then there are high chances that they don't buy. What if they want to strip more crop with a bigger header, this will make them purchase. So the purpose of buying also affects the decision. 



Quality Of Combine Machine


Machine condition also places a big impact on the sale. As per data published in American agriculture, journal producers can easily spend $30,000 on the repair before the harvest period even starts. This cost can be reduced if the buyer inspects the vehicle before making a purchase. If you want to ensure the quality of used combine harvester best thing you can do bring a mechanic with you and also ask for the copies of the invoices.



Readiness of Machine


Producers who got crops ready to harvest, wanting to buy a harvester quickly. To assure that the harvester is ready to go, many dealers will carry their pre-season tests which a customer can admit. With small maintenance ready to action a combine machine can be a good deal. 



The Brand Support


Dealer support network for a machine decided its future use and sale. With the brand dealer, buying parts and service is easy. If you buying a combine machine and there is no dealer for 300–400km then you should keep extra for transport cost to buy parts and services. 


Test Drive of Combine Harvester


Ask the owner machine for the test drive and this is one of the most crucial parts of choosing combine machine. With a small distance test drive, you can get the idea of the engine power and smoothness of the drive. Keep the engine running, Don’t just look, hear it and you will know the machine better. 


Hope these tips will help you get the best combine harvester for you. Look at Farmease for buying or selling used combine harvester


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