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How to Be Safe While Clicking Travel Photos?

Selfie-related accidents have become very common around the world, and the number is alarmingly high in India. And the number of accidents is equally high when people were getting themselves clicked. We all express shock at such incidents, but it is high time that we learn from them. Whenever you plan to travel to a new destination, make sure that you click a lot a photos to create memories, but never forget your safety.

Adventure sports

Hundreds of people lose their phone every year while clicking photos during paragliding, bungee jumping, and other adventure sports. It is highly advisable not to use your phone in such situations when you may drop your Smartphone from the sky while enjoying paragliding. You will not only bear the loss of your expensive phone, but also put yourself at risk as your reaction may be risky while being there in the sky. During white water rafting, for example, it is highly unprofessional to bring out your phone from the waterproof bag. While getting clicked, you may ignore the safety standards and drop your phone in the river.

All sorts of adventure sport guides have the professional cameras meant for this purpose only. You can take those cameras in the water or air as they are tied to a surface. The guides are also well-trained to click pictures of you and keep you safe at all times. If you are really keen to enjoy several adventure sports and get clicked as well, you may buy your own action camera. A few thousand rupees are always worth your safety.

Risky spots

Yes, it gives significant adrenalin rush to be there at a risky spot. You may enjoy standing at a cliff, on top of a train, at the middle of the railway track, or at the center of the road. It is all okay for a second or two until you see the train rushing towards you or the cars approaching at a high speed. On the other hand, you can never justify standing at a cliff where the space is not enough to stand. You should never stand on top of a moving train no matter how bold you are. When you stand in the middle of huge water body, you can never predict the flow of water and get washed away with the tremendous flow that you cannot handle.

You might get lucky once or twice while attempting such acts, but life may not give you another chance if something unfortunate happens. Never take a selfie on top of a train, in the middle of a river, or at the edge of a ship. Nature may become too cruel at times to give you another chance to live.

Be bold, be responsible

Humans are daring by nature and there is nothing wrong with that. We have reached at a point in time when we can call ourselves the smartest creatures on earth. Having said that, we need not be over-confident. While being audacious to attempt challenging tasks or adventure sports, we should never forget the safety gear.

Stunts on cars and bikes are common these days, but the incidences of people losing their lives are also common. Whether you take Self Drive Car Rental in Delhi or drive your car or bike to do stunts, wear proper safety gears, be at a safe place, and know your limits of challenging yourself.

We need to remember that the experts of daring sports train for years and decades, and they get themselves clicked only from professional photographers. Remember the warning on TV shows, “do not attempt this on your own”; it is there for a reason, isn’t it?



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