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How to Backup or Restore Your Quicken Data?

Have you ever restored your Quicken data? If not, you need to go through this blog which highlights both the reason and the process to backup and restore your Quicken data in your Mac or Windows.

Quicken is an excellent software through which you can manage your accounting requirements with ease. Quicken files keep all your crucial and sensitive data secure and therefore, it is very important to backup all your important data and files. In certain situations, when your PC stops working or Windows get destroyed, a Quicken backup will save you from losing all your files. Thus, your data can be at risk if you don’t create a backup in Quicken.

Whenever you create a backup of your Quicken data, you store all your financial information that includes reports, passwords, accounts, and attachments. In this way, you can safeguard your records in case your computer breaks down or transfer your data from one computer to another.

Steps to create a Backup Quicken Data for Mac?

1.Create a Backup in Quicken for Mac

·       You need to choose the file and create a backup.

·       Now choose the location where you want to save the file.

·       Next, click on Save.

The file extension will be .quicken2017backup or .quicken backup.

2. Backup to the USB thumb drive, CD, DVD, etc.

·       At first, you need to select the file and create a backup.

·       Now select a location for your file to be saved

·       Next, click on Save.

3. Restore Quicken Data

·       At first , select the file and then click on the Restore button from Backup.

·       Find the backup file you want to restore.

·       Click on File Restore.

4. Automatic backup

·       Check that your automatic backups are always turned on

·       Go to Quicken and select Edit.

·       Then click on Preferences.

·       You need to choose Backup from Setup.

·       Search for the symbol that you can get near the Automatically backup data file as it is linked directly to your backup folder.

·       You then have to choose all the backup data files you want to store.

Steps to restore an automatic backup:

·       Go to File and then select Restore from backup.

·       Select Quicken >Backups.

·       Go to Automatic Backup.

·       Choose the file that you want to restore.

If you follow the above steps religiously, you will be able to backup or restore your quicken data. If you anyhow, fail to do so, you can call on the Quicken customer service number immediately and take their assistance that is available round the clock. 



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