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How to Acquire a Job in Australia?

Australia is a top choice for international students to study and settle permanently. It has a progressing economy with incredible sightseeing, quality education system, laid back environment and liberal society. High employment opportunities and standard of living for residents make Australia one of the most attractive countries for immigrants. Thousands of immigrants come to this country to pursue advanced studies and realise their dreams every year.

Finding a job in Australia isn’t easy. But, the government has launched several initiatives to increase employment of overseas workers required in the domestic market. Let us look at the ways of finding a job in the Australian market quickly:

457 Visa Program for Qualified Workers

Australia is facing an acute shortage of skilled workers in many sectors. It hires qualified overseas workers to meet the economic needs under skilled migration process.

The 457-visa program is an important pathway utilised by approved companies to find skilled workers from abroad. This process is employed by businesses when an appropriately qualified employee can’t be found in the local market. With this visa, an oversea worker can work up to four years with the same employer in the nominated position in Australia.

Eligibilities Required for Candidates

  • Possess qualification as required in the job position
  • Excellent English skills
  • Overseas work experience
  • Have or applied for a 457 visa to the concerned authority
  • Possess an active overseas health insurance cover

Benefits of 457 Visa Program

  • A 457-visa holder get pay as per the market standard
  • Get travelling cost from employer
  • Apply for PR after two years through Employer Nomination Scheme

The 457 based jobs are advertised based on the demand of companies in the Australian market coming under Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL). It is essential to hire the best 457 agent to get guidance in applying for this visa program quickly.

Benefits of Professional Year Program

The Professional Year is an initiative taken by professional bodies of universities to increase the employment of international graduates in the Australian market. The program is designed with the approval of Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) for accounting, engineering, and IT graduates who studied at an Australian university. It is a 44-week program consisting of formal learning and internship training with a local company. The Professional Year in Melbourne helps students develop practical and soft skills necessary to find jobs in the domestic market. Completing this program successfully, the graduates enjoy higher employability and earn five migration points supporting PR in Australia.

Top Benefits of Joining PY Program for Graduates

  • Be ready for the Australian market
  • Learn work culture and ethics essential in a workplace
  • Get a Professional Year certificate
  • Develop interview facing skills and writing resumes
  • Network with industry experts and peers
  • Develop market-relevant skills and knowledge
  • Move closer to PR with migration points

Take Migration Assistance from Experts

The immigration policies of Australia are dynamic and complicated making difficult for lay people to understand. It is essential to hire immigration experts while applying for visa services to avoid rejection from the concerned authority. Filipino migration agents are certified with MARA and offer reliable services in accordance with the standard rules. They provide visa processing, renewal, extension and creation of PR pathway for clients. Contact our experts for visa services and a smooth migration process quickly. 


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