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How Social Media Marketing Has Changed Real Estate Business

How Social Media Marketing Has Changed Real Estate Business


Real estate is one of the oldest industries to exist till date. From old times to now, the industry hasn’t changed much, except for formal and legal norms backing it. Even today, a lot of real estate marketing is done offline in the form of newspaper ads, hoardings, word of mouth etc. 


Real estate companies are not realizing that with time, the majority of their buyers are going to be millennials under the age of 40. This mid-age generation prefers spending time online rather than offline. This behavioural change has led many companies to prioritise social media marketing. The real estate industry is also changing its course towards the digital path, but slowly. 


  1. Consumers expect it 

In the day and age of social media, consumers expect you to have a website or page as a source of information. Millennials especially, are internet savvy and the first thing they would do is to look for you online. So, it would be a great idea to have a website/page to promote your business. 


  1. Target interested consumers only 

Thanks to social media you will be able to target interested customers. Social media marketing allows you to bifurcate customers who are looking for real estate properties via ads, user history and search activities, you can use promoted social media ads to let these customers know about your property. This create chances of conversions which is why real estate developers are focusing on social platforms through innovative content. 


  1. Today, social media will make you ‘credible’ 

To be credible in the eyes of customers in today’s age, it is important to put relevant and premium content. People associate premium content with branded image. This inculcates credibility through a brand image which people are likely to trust. Companies that don’t publish content do not get engaged as much as those who do. 


  1. Make the most of platform resources

Your content speaks for yourself. What is a better way to publish content on social platforms? Every social platform has a unique purpose. Facebook is used by masses, Instagram is used by youth who love aesthetics, Twitter is more about awareness and LinkedIn is all about professional networking. Which platform would suit a real estate company? We’d say all. 


You can target a large number of audience through Facebook. Build an edgy timeline of aesthetic real estate properties on Instagram, Network on LinkedIn and educate customers on real estate on Twitter. It’s important to have your real estate digital marketing strategy in place. 


Social Media Marketing Tips For Your Help


  1. Use rich content 

When we say rich content, we do not mean content showing rich properties. Rich content is often confused with graphics. Although graphics are important, they aren’t the answer to all your needs. Rich content would include experimenting with various content formats like images, gifs, videos, infographics, interactive images, virtual reality etc. Ensure your content has clear messaging and purpose.


  1. Promote the town

People don’t just look at properties, they consider the location and locality of properties more than anything. A new form of strategy that real estate digital marketers look at is promoting homes based on location and locality. You can do so too after considerable planning.


  1. Create target friendly content 

Many of your target audience may be older people, but they may not be most of your target. Study shows that most millennials aren’t buying homes. So an ad selling property won’t make sense for this target group. Rather you may want to promote properties for rent. Commercial property is not just being bought by the older generation but young ones too, so the ad needs to have relevant content based on target preferences. Only this way can you make an impact that leads to sales. 


  1. Use PPC for additional reach 

Pay-per-click has broken boundaries of targeting. You can specially target people based on age, gender, location etc. Once you have your target set, you can strategically use PPC ads to reach them. 


  1. Don’t promote, educate 

Buyers today don’t want to see ads. That’s a fact. People often trust a brand more when they expose expertise. You can take this opportunity to educate customers about the industry while simultaneously promoting your services. You need to encourage people to buy and giving them a solid reason would do the trick. For social media strategy, you can write blogs, promote articles and tweet facts. This will help your sales and brand loyalty in the long term. 




Digital marketing is dynamic, for every industry. The changing landscape of the real estate business is an indicator of digital prowess. 


There are special real estate digital marketing agencies to tackle this dynamic change. At Windsor Digital, we provide customised social media marketing services across India and beyond. Catering to real estate industry, we provide full solutions for your business. 






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