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How Rebranding is Not Always Effective for Your Brand

Business branding is a strategy and not a short-term fix for immediate issues your business may be facing.  A strong and hard business fact is NOT EVERY rebranding effort is effective.  Business branding is what you do so that your customers will know who you are and what you do.  Constant rebranding can lead to loss of business identity and confidence and these losses will never increase your business or make it better.  There are three ways that rebranding your business may be far less effective for your brand than you realize.


Rebranding is Not an Immediate Sales Tool

Rebranding a business just because sales are in a slump is not always effective for your brand.  Many times, this type of rebranding is done in panic mode with the unrealistic expectation that rebranding will miraculously led to immediate sales.  Sales slumps are best endured with what you have than throwing something new and untried at sales to improve them.

Change Should Not be Solely Competitor Driven

Another less effective reason for rebranding is trying to keep up with your competitors.  You should remember that you really don’t know their reasoning behind rebranding.  You will not have enough data to know if their rebranding is really going to stand the test of time.  You should rebrand your business when it makes sense for you and not merely because your competitors are doing rebranding.  Have self-confidence in your business branding as it stands.  Only rebrand when it is right for you.

Rebranding for Rebranding Sake is Ineffective

A final reason why rebranding may be less effective for your brand is chasing personal preferences or simply changing on a whim because you want something different.  Trends change.  Styles change.  What is popular today may only last a short time.  While you may not have the most timeless branding in appearing, your present business branding may be spot on and will stand the test of time.

You should really take the time to consult with professionals in the branding field before falling into ineffective rebranding.  A qualified and neutral party can help you either keep your branding on track, or rebrand your business in an effective manner that will work for you for many years to come.

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