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How On-page SEO should do effectively to rank your website?

Well, We all know, We all are living in an age where the internet has become a trend. If we say We can live for one day without food or water but It is very difficult to live one day without the Internet then it will not be wrong and it is not a privilege anymore. It is a need, a necessity of the time. We are able to find all the answers to even the toughest of questions just with a single click with the help of the internet. The technology used for this is called ‘search engines’. A search engine is an abstract entity which searches the web for suitable and apt answers to the questions and queries we fire. This search engine needs to be optimized through a process called ‘Search Engine Optimization’. It is one of the crucial Digital Marketing Solutions. Here we will discuss:

8 On-page SEO factors which help you to rank the website:

Search engine optimization is a process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic. This can be achieved by increasing the visibility of the website on the World Wide Web so that more users are attracted to it and make use of it. There are many measures that are taken in optimizing a search engine. On-page SEO produces 70 % SEO results if use right. Here we will discuss 8 On-page SEO factors you should consider while doing SEO:

1. Meta Title:

The keywords should be used in the title of the website so that your website pops out first when someone fires a query related to it. If meta title consists of 60-70 characters then it will be best.

2. Meta Description:

The keyword should also be used in the Meta Description of the page. Most people read the description before clicking on the website URL. So The Meta description should be short, crisp and insightful. The meta description should use 160-170 characters for effective use.

3. URL:

Url should be short, simple and easily rememberable. If the URL contains keywords then it becomes quite easy to rank on the search engine. Url should not contain more than 15 characters.

4. Heading tag optimization:

The website should have a proper heading tag optimization. Only one H1 heading tag per page and if it contains targeted keywords then it is better.

5. Uniq and Useful Content:

The trustworthiness and authenticity of the content should be maintained. The content of the website should be compelling, which can make the users want to read it and enjoy it. It should be arranged in an easily accessible manner. For maintaining the relevance and genuineness of the content, it should be audited by authorized people. That also gives it an authoritative hand.

6. Images with Alt tag attribute:

There should be images inserted in the content which are relevant and proper with respect to the nature and purpose of the content. The user should want to revisit your website. Googlebot doesn't understand image so it is important to have proper Alt text.

7. Responsive website design:

The website you have created should be compatible with a wide range of devices like mobile phones, tablets, and computers. It should have different versions dedicated to different devices so that it serves the purpose without any data distortion.

8. Internal linking:

Every page should link to other relevant pages of your website. It passes link juice which helps in ranking of your website.

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