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How Much Home Window Replacement Cost in New Jersey?

Windows are an essential part of the architectural design that lays out your house. They provide an architectural aesthetic and natural lighting to your house, complementing the personality of the owner. Old and damaged windows mean lower investment value. Your home is a valuable investment and replacing the worn-out windows can add to its curb appeal. However, some people are unaware of the home window replacement costs and therefore assume them to be extravagant which prevents them from getting their windows replaced. We’re here to tell you that exorbitant home window replacement costs are a myth. We are here to throw some light on the reality of the window replacement costs in New Jersey-

The total cost of the window replacement depends on various contributing factors such as-

  • The size of the window
  • The amount of the window units required
  • The style and quality of replacement windows needed

Now, let’s talk about the home window replacement costs according to the different window types-

  1. Double Hung Windows-

Depending on the material used for the windows, the replacement cost of this window type differs between $280 to $360. Since these are the most common type of replacement windows, the options are endless. You can browse through different deals to get the job done for the lowest price. These windows are designed for double ventilation and can be opened from both the top and the bottom. Since these are the most ubiquitous windows, they are the most inexpensive ones to get replaced.

  1. Tilt-Out Windows-

Tilt-out windows are the ones that fold in or out to reveal the glass exterior. These windows can be cleaned from inside the house and are ideal for spaces where exterior accessibility is limited. However, the replacement cost of these windows can be slightly higher than that of double-hung windows. The replacement cost of these windows lies between $250 to $500. The smaller tilting types can cost roughly $150.

  1. Double Pane Windows-

The replacement cost of the double pane windows roughly ranges between $115 to $250. These windows are known for their energy efficiency and are available with various encasement types. However, these windows come with an enhanced replacement cost as a result of their complex installation. Double pane windows feature an airtight space that acts as a barrier between the adverse weather conditions outside and the environment inside the house.

Now, let's talk about how labor plays a role in the home window replacement costs-

Workers can be hired on either hour basis or project basis depending on the windows and the size of the windows. The home window replacement cost for wooden frames costs up to $700 and the vinyl frames up to $600. Apart from that, the cost of removing the old frames can range between $50 to $250.

Now that you know about the different home window replacement costs, you can make an informed decision regarding your home improvement project.


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