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How is it Like Traveling as the Only Sister with Brothers?

Being a sibling creates great memories to cherish when you grow older. No matter how much your brother annoys you, he will love you the most if you are the only sister in house. A sister with many brothers is as special as it can get. If you are lucky to have more than just one brother, you have already achieved a great feat. Having a lot of brothers changes your personality in more ways than one. You can definitely relate to the arenas mentioned below if you have traveled with those men in the family, whether they are your real siblings or first cousins.

You love the sport your brothers love

Since your brothers are pros at cricket, football or chess, you develop a love for them too. You have already attended a lot of matches and tournaments with your brothers, or even played as well. And whenever you have to travel with your siblings for another sports event, it gives you thrill on top.

No mess to dress

Being with brothers makes you a tomboyish girl too. You see girls dressing up like fashion models when they are traveling, but it does not make sense to you. You don’t need to dress up too much because you have never really have any girls in the group. You dress a lot like your brothers, and do not give much importance to makeup unless it is a cousin’s wedding. No one in your group of cousins asks you to wax your body hair, even if you have to travel to Europe! Your field of competition includes solving Sudoku puzzles and winning cricket matches.

You can pack much less things for a vacation

Obviously, you cannot share the shaving kit with your brothers when you go for a road trip, but you can definitely steal their oversized T-shirts and joggers. Being a sister, you can wear their clothes, but they cannot wear yours, which means a win-win situation for you. They can never refuse to share their clothes and accessories with you for the wrath of a female is not to be invited.

You are better off road tripping with men than women

Since you have grown up with men all your life, you are pretty comfortable with their presence around you. They can talk their heart out without feeling embarrassed. Moreover, you also have more male friends than female ones since you cannot do small talk with women. Nothing that interests them fascinates you, so you prefer hanging out and vacationing with men rather than women.

You might sometimes miss having a sister to share your girly problems, but you do not really have any complains with your brothers. Going for a road trip means a lot when you have so many brothers around, and they are as chilled out as you are. You can hire a Car Rental Bangalore or take your car if you have one, and brush up your driving skills because a husband may not let you drive, but your brothers cannot stop you from handling a car.



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