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How Does Retargeting Work?

If you have a business and find that you’re cutting a bit short with your average sales, it might be time to retarget your audience. This marketing tactic is something that's proven to work. But what is it and how can my business benefit from it? Well, before you get ahead of yourself, here’s a few things we’d like to know.


What is retargeting?

If you were to sell a product online, according to, only 2% of your buyers would be converted on their first visit. That leaves you with the other 98% to retarget. Retargeting works by displaying online ads as your 98% shop on another site similar or different to yours. For example, if I wanted to buy a pair of shoes online, and whether I’m fully committed to buying or not, the fact that I have visited that site means that ads related to the shoe store will pop up on a different site to try and remind me to purchase my shoes. It’s a sneaky tactic, but we can’t help but think how genius it is.

The Benefits?

Chances are that some of that 98% will go back to your site either to browse more items or to actually go through with their purchase. More ads, means more buyers, means more money in your pocket and not to mention more brand awareness. suggests the three benefits are heightened brand recall, greater engagement and increased conversion.

Heightened Brand Recall: Using retargeting to your direct traffic means you can heighten your brand’s awareness gaining more clicks for your website. This is provided that you're using your own SEO and keywords followed by content marketing to gain these results.

Greater Engagement: Well this is pretty self explanatory. When you heighten your website, you will also expand on the level of engagement. One does not coerce without the other and so forth. If you’re creating content that is appealing to your audience, eventually that audience will grow. Google Ad Words can show how well your articles are doing.

Increased Conversion: When you have a greater understanding of your website’s engagement and growth, you’ll also start to see a number of people wanting more content from you. This means they will convert to your brand knowing that you will give them what they want. Usually businesses seek incentives for their customers like giveaways, massively reduced products competitions, etc. Whatever you’re using to gain interest, it’s all part of retargeting.

The Bottom Line…

If you’re interested in seeing how your business can grow through retargeting via a holistic approach, contact Anchor Digital for a consultation. Their tailor made solutions can help improve your business needs with just one click.


Anchor digital is specialised in SEO, social media marketing, web design and development. Get in touch with us today 1300 134 390.

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