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How does investing in real estate work ?

How does investing in real estate work ?

Real estate is considered as a huge and ambitious industry, full of opportunities for making profit and big gains, to benefit from these opportunities you need first to choose a strategy according to your ambitions and budget. In these lines, we will discover how investing in real estate actually works:

  1. Buy and holds: considered as a passive investment in which an investor buys a property and hold it for a long time in order to benefit from the additional income and appreciation in its value. In order to get benefit from this strategy you need to have a long-term vision and to make serious research about the evolution of the market.

  2. Airbnb Investment Properties: a very popular strategy thanks to the great profit it guaranties to the investor, but it does not come that easy. This strategy is perfect for active investor, which means in other words spending a lot of time and energy on the rental property, Airbnb investment properties is a type of buy and hold, but only for vacations and short-term rentals, this real estate industry has known an increase in the number of airbnb investors, why? It is simply because they allowed investors big gains, sometimes even more than traditional investments.

  3. Fix and Flip: fix and flip are properties that are bought under market value then renovated and restored and then sold with a higher price, this strategy is for investors looking to make money in a short term. If it is done correctly, it can get you a quick important profit.

  4. Commercial : first of all this strategy is not for beginners, it can be very tricky, it takes knowledge patience and also skills, but it is a great level everyone looking to reach in the real estate portfolio. So what is commercial real estate? It is a property used specifically and exclusively for business purposes, it includes hotels, restaurants, office space…the typical scenario of this strategy is that the investor owns a building occupied by businesses, and he collects rent from each business operating inside the building.

  5. Passive investments : a passive investment means in other words that you are not getting your hands dirty, to do so you need to work with Real Estate Investment Trust, it is when a group of investors decide to buy a large estate such as a skyscrapers, and then everyone of them gets a share of the profits. Another way to invest passively is to lend your money to an investor and then receive interest payments on the loan.

  6. Real estate wholesaling: In this specific strategy, you can make an income without spending money at all, how? A wholesaler job is to find a seller who wants to sale its property but has not gone to the market, then look for a buyer to this property and as reward he gets a share of the selling price ( you can publish our plateform to sell your property ). In order to be a very successful wholesaler you need to build a strong network and make many contacts.


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