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How do you refresh Google Drive on Android

Google Drive is a cloud storage application where one can store his files, images, videos and many other important files in bulk. This is also a place where we can save and store the backup. This saving of the important files on google drive will ensure your data is safe and secure. You can also refer the saved files in future as well. The Google drive was launched in April 2012. It is considered as the application that is launched for the Google users to store files. It has an icon that is a triangle that is coloured in three different colours. One can access the Google drive account if you have the Gmail account. We must tell you that to access google drive on your Android device, one must have a google account.


Steps to access your google drive.


  1. Open the downloaded Google drive application on your android device. You can identify the app by its icon made in the triangle of three colours as yellow, green and blue.

  2. A page that opens up asks for the Gmail account details.

  3. Enter your existing account details and proceed.

  4. After proceeding, Google drive takes you to the home page. This home page includes the images, videos and documents and many other options.


This Google drive will be now accessible to you from anywhere and at any time provided you have the strong internet connections that your phone is connected with. When the applications are downloaded and you have stored many files and it is not working in a proper manner then you can also refresh your drive. Refreshing the drive will not erase your data. Refreshing Google drive will refresh the application as a whole.   


Steps to Refresh Google Drive on Android


  1. On the Android device, open the Google drive application.

  2. Sign in to the google account if required. If not required then you can skip this step.

  3. At the top left corner, tap menu that is displayed in the three horizontal bars beside “My Drive”.

  4. Now select the “Backup and sync”.

  5. If that option is on, clicking the option shall turn off and if it is turned off then clicking on it will turn on the backup.

  6. A dialogue box will appear that will confirm that the backup of files is initiated.


If there is any issue other than refreshing and accessing the google drive then one can contact Google Drive customer service .


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