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How do You Prevent Sugar from Decaying Your Teeth?


How do you prevent tooth decay when you love sugar? About one in 10 people get a quarter of their calories from it. It's also included in an unexpected variety of foods, making it hard to know you're eating it. But sugar exacerbates tooth decay symptoms, such as gum recession, tooth discolouration, sensitivity and bad breath. The good news is there are ways your family can cut back, if not kick it completely, preventing tooth decay and creating a healthier, happier household. Here's what you should know about sugar in food and four ways to curb your family's intake.

Foods You Eat Can Cause Tooth Decay Symptoms

Part of good dental health is knowing what's in your family's food and how it can harm your teeth. Sugar induces plaque to develop which will combine with carbohydrates and cause acid build-up, which breaks down tooth enamel, causing cavities to occur. Perhaps surprisingly, ketchup, granola bars, salad dressing, baked beans and spaghetti sauce all contain sugar. Even vegetables such as carrots, beets and corn consist of their own natural sugars, but their minerals and fibres ultimately make them a healthier option for your family. Portioning a half-cup of raw veggies is a good rule of thumb as an appropriate serving size.

Brushing after each meal and supplying your family with products like fluoride toothpaste are habits that boost your family's dental health in the long term. Addressing your family's sugar intake at the same time is an essential part of good dental care.

Learn to Spot Added Sugar in Food Labels

Spotting sugar in food is the first way to curb it. Sugar has many names: Sucrose, fructose, glucose, lactose, maltose, dextrose, xylos and saccharin are all variations of sugar. Refined sugar, found in candy or sweetened cereals, is the most harmful, but any kind, particularly when overused, can create plaque and cause tooth decay.

Take the time to read food labels and cut down on foods with these ingredients to help in preventing tooth decay symptoms. Substitute high-sugar items with sugar-free, homemade treats such as unsweetened granola. Consider unsweetened non-dairy creamers as well.

Choose Fruits Low in Natural Sugar

Raw, unsweetened raspberries, blackberries and cranberries have the lowest amount of natural sugar; cherries, tangerines and mangos have the highest. Learn which fruits have the least amount of sugar for healthier household snacking.

Eat Small Meals Regularly

Small meals throughout the day preserve your energy level, especially those rich in complex carbohydrates. These types of meals will maintain your natural sugar levels so you and your kids are less tempted to reach for a sugary treat. For optimum energy, fill half of your plate with fruits and veggies. They're the best source for complex carbs.

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