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How Do You Know It’s Time For A Roof Replacement?

You might not be an expert roofer, but you know when it might be time for a Roof Replacement In Dallas TX. The roof on your home should look clean and orderly for most of the year. You should not feel a heavy draft when you go in the attic, and you should not have any leaks. The roof itself should keep the temperature in the attic as moderate as possible given the prevailing weather conditions, and the roof should not shift during a heavy storm. When you see these signs of roof damage, you might need to consider replacing your roof.

Broken Or Displaced Shingles

Broken shingles are obvious to anyone who comes by your home, and you should call an expert on Roofing In Arlington TX to check out the damage. Sometimes, one shingle will be broken by a major storm, but you need to get your roof replaced when shingles move every time you have heavy rain. Because the roof was damaged in the storm, you probably have leaks in the house that are fairly obvious.

Leaks In The Attic

Leaks in your attic will be most obvious when you go in the attic or you have a little water damage on the ceiling. You can climb into your attic to see these leaks, and you can tell where they re coming from because you might also have a hole or gap or some kind that lets in a little bit of light. If the leak has started to discolor your ceiling, you will need to have the leak patched up. However, that pitch will not hold forever. You need to replace the roof before more leaks start to occur.
If you did not notice your leaks the first time they happened, you might climb into an attic that has several leaks. Plus, you could have water getting inside the exterior walls of your home because it is dripping from the leaky edges of the roof. Ensure that you have called a roofer the second that you have found leaks. When your roofer says that the roof cannot be saved, it is time to replace it before you have more water damage.
Another thing that often happens is people have one leak in their roof that will create a little puddle of standing water somewhere in the attic or the walls. If this happens, you could have mold and mildew growing in your house that you cannot account for.

Drafts In The Attic

You might have a major draft in the attic because you have gaps in the roof that have not been repaired. When this is the case, you must call a roofer out to the house to find the source of the draft. If you have large gaps in the flashing or shingles, you will feel air start to pass through holes in the roof that could have been created by the nails used in the roof or holes that were related by running water. Someone who has never had their roof repaired or serviced before might have many small holes that are invisible to the naked eye.
Calling a roofing expert ensures that your home will remain safe and comfortable in the face of roof leaks. You can have a new roof installed as soon as possible, and the value of your home will instantly rise because you have a new roof. With a new roof, you get 30 years of protection, and you can bring back your roofer every year to ensure the roof has been serviced properly. A new roof is often cheaper than spending more money on repairs every few months.


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