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How do we wash sneakers in the washing machine?

The idea of washing sneakers in the washing machine arose out of sheer despair. Depending on the material used in sports socks, shoes and the individual nature of the foot bacteria, shoes can turn into catastrophic stink monsters. Then no washing of the feet and no fresh socks, the shoes, and the next time you wear them again feet and socks stink.

The family decision was with these sneakers: Before we throw away the shoes, we try to wash them in the washing machine. That worked out great and there are already some copycats.

How to wash sneakers in a washing machine and what to pay attention to here:

Wash at low temperature: 30 ° C or 40 ° C.

Remove the coarse dirt and loose parts from the shoes, this will prevent problems for the washing machine.

Use the fine wash cycle or, even better, the wool wash cycle of your washing machine, so that the shoes soak for a long time and are gently moved in the drum.

Wash with a mild detergent or with wool detergent, so that the materials are as gentle as possible and therefore do not use fabric softener.

Detergent with disinfection is not necessary, it only harms humans and the environment.

Liox cleaners & laundry spins the shoes after washing (except on hot summer days) in the washing machine at low spin speed, so they do not stay wet too long.

Dry the shoes as fast as possible. In my research on this topic, we've read that newsprint in shoes helps with drying. However, we should always dry our shoes without them.

Meanwhile, we wash shoes quite often in the washing machine, but of course, it also has disadvantages:

- This must be considered when washing shoes in the washing machine

- Too high a temperature may dissolve the adhesive used and the different materials may separate.

- Metal parts on the shoes can damage the washing machine.

- Shoes made of leather or delicate materials are in danger of becoming porous.

- The color of the materials used can change.

- If the shoes are dried too slowly after washing, the bacteria can reproduce immediately and in the worst case, the shoes even mold.

So, make sure that there is an alternative to the washing machine for your shoes:

How else can shoes be washed and cleaned?

According to liox cleaners & laundry, shoes that are "only" dirty on the outside, it is best to clean by hand. Here the washing machine is not the right solution.

For shoes that only spill a bit, maybe air well and if possible put to the sun.

 So, now all shoes smell neutral or violets and lavender. Do you also have experience and tips for washing and grooming shoes?


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