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How do online casino websites ensure data security?

It isn’t difficult to find a reliable mobile online casino when there are plenty of factors available to look for. But the most important thing is that a legal business (online casinos work like corporate companies) would highlight its security features to win the trust of players.


What makes a business legitimate?

A business has to be regulated by law. It should pay tax and get regular communication from a body formed to govern industries. In case of a mobile online casino, the communication would be in the form of audit by a regulatory body.

Independent audit by regulatory bodies

There are three main regulatory bodies that control online casino industry. These bodies belong to the following countries.

  • Malta
  • The United Kingdom
  • Isle of Man

They have strict guidelines for online casinos and the latter have to fulfill those guidelines in letter and spirit in order to get and retain the permission to run casino games online. Any website found to be violating the guidelines is stripped of its license to operate.

How do these bodies ensure compliance of their rules?

Online casinos have to undergo regular audit by companies selected by the regulatory bodies. Casino audit is an annual event. You can call it an exam that every website has to pass. Otherwise it would have to down its shutters. The regulatory bodies select audit companies that have experience of inspecting gambling sites. For example, ECOGA is a trusted casino audit company that audits hundreds and thousands of gambling websites every year. 

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What involves in a casino audit?

The audit is done to make sure that the website isn’t using any rigged software to take unnecessary advantage of ignorance of players. There are many ways in which sites could cheat gamblers. For example, odds could be made to favor websites instead of remaining neutral.

RNG software (Random Number Generator) has to be truly random. Second thing to look is the process of storing deposit of players. It has to be 100% secure otherwise the players will lose all their deposits and winnings. The audit companies strictly follow the rules to ensure safety of personal data and deposits of gamblers. 

What is RNG software and how does it work?

It is the most critical part of online gambling. The job of the software is to generate a random number taken as the winning number. It guarantees fair odds. It works by emulating games like deck shuffling, spinning of roulette wheel and rolling of the bars of slot machines.

For example, take online roulette wheel. The software starts cycling numbers as soon as the wheel is spun. It keeps moving with the wheels. At this speed, it can cycle hundreds or thousands of numbers per millisecond depending on its program. It stops with the wheel and the number it is cycling through is taken as the winning number.

RNG software must be delicately balanced or programmed to give fair odds. It is for this reason that online casinos have to undergo auditing. An audit company checks and certifies that the RNG software used for digital gambling generates fair odds.

What steps do online casinos take to create a secure atmosphere for gambling?

Digital casinos that want to look safe use encryption technology to ensure safety of critical information like credit card and banking details between client and server. The information is encrypted in between client’s computer and casino server.

Let’s simplify the encryption technology

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL): It is a security certificate for websites and it has been made mandatory for gambling sites. The certificate authenticates communication between client and server. The process is to establish the standard security protocols of communication.

When a client communicates with the server of a gambling site, the SSL certificate checks the protocol version, cryptographic algorithm and digital certificate and finally generates a secret key that prevents frauds.

Transport Layer Security (TLS): It is similar to SSL but it is relatively modern in comparison to the SSL. Today, online casinos prefer TLS because of its modern origin. But there is no difference between the two technologies as they work in a similar fashion and provide same level of security. It is for this reason that SSL/TLS are used as a common term for website security.

How do you know that an online casino is safe?

It is simple. You can check the URL of the online casino you are visiting on your browser. If it is secured by SSL/TLS, it would have https:// instead of http://. The letter “S” stands for security. A secured online casino website would be https://.

What measures could gamblers take to ensure safety of their data and deposits?

Before you proceed to open a gambling account with an online casino, you will be asked to accept Terms and Conditions. Th T&Cs tell how a casino works and how gamblers can take advantage of its policies. But most gamblers accept the T&Cs without even giving a quick look at the policies.

Important things to look into T&Cs:

  • Conditions for cashing-out bonus deposits
  • Guidelines for proceeding after winning a large jackpot
  • Rollover requirements
  • Wagering requirements

It is advisable that you take a screenshot of the T&Cs of the casino before accepting the terms. It would help in the event of the casino tweaking its terms and conditions. If you find that the website is breaking its rules to take advantage, you can surrender your membership and quit.

Keep the above discussion in mind

To enjoy online casino games Malaysia to the full, you should ensure safety of your gambling account. Also, you have a right to fair gambling. Before you accept membership of a gambling website, you should check the seal of authority on its home page. Also, you need to be careful with Internet security protocols and terms and conditions of the site.


Digital casino games are managed with RNG software and if the software is rigged, you won’t receive a fair treatment. But if everything is right, you will enjoy online gambling to full and make plenty of money while playing favorite casino games.




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