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How Do I Stop Automatic Sperm Ejaculation During Sleep With Home Remedies?

Sperm ejaculation in sleep can be embarrassing as the person may have no intention to get aroused and release semen from the body but the body automatically expels it. This is a normal process in young growing boys who are undergoing the phase of adulthood and commonly after the age of 20, the frequent release reduces. Sometimes, the release happen after erection of the male organs and sometimes, it may not happen. But, many adults in their middle age get involuntary release more than once in a night. The excess release of such fluids reduces the fertility level of the semen and it can cause various other side effects. Additionally, the person having weak muscles and tissues may not be able to control the process of release of semen. To stop automatic sperm ejaculation during sleep certain home remedies made up of ayurvedic herbs can be taken.

Endocrines functions are widely fluctuating in human body and overstimulation of the endocrines can result in the formation and release of fluids from the body. Natural remedies are rich in bio active compounds which can regulate the level of testosterone in body to stop automatic sperm ejaculation during sleep. The main sources of testosterone in male organ are the Leydig cell. The level of testosterone in the human body is determined by a range of factors such as genetic, age, environmental factors etc. Sometimes, stress can cause an increase in the secretion of serum glucocorticoid concentrations. This increase in the level of serum glucocorticoid decreases the level of testosterone in body and this shows stress can be a reason for Leydig cell apoptosis.

Low testosterone reduces the power of male muscles and sometimes, men suffer from excess testosterone in body, which can shrink the testicles and causes fluid retention in body. Both the conditions reduce the sperm count, although, higher level of testosterone can increase the formation of red blood cells in body. Some men may see swelling of breast tissues because the excess testosterone in body is converted into estrogen which increases the size of breasts and causes mood swings. This fluctuation in testosterone can be cured by taking herbal remedies to stop automatic sperm ejaculation during sleep which are better than artificial testosterone or testosterone supplements because of the following reasons -

1. Herbal remedies provided by the capsules e.g. NF Cure capsule and Vital M-40 capsule, works to eliminate the cause which results in testosterone imbalance. It can reduce testosterone if it is excessively produced in body and at the same time enhances its production if the body is unable to produce it in appropriate quantities.

2. It has been observed in studies that the normal endocrine axis can be restored in human body if certain herbs are taken in regulated qualities. Hence, the regular intake of herbal remedies not only stops automatic sperm ejaculation during sleep but it also reduces the problem of pain and fluid retention to provide overall improvement in the condition.

3. Herbal remedies can regulate body's chemicals processes to prevent damage to endocrines and stop automatic sperm ejaculation during sleep.

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