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How do I import Outlook Express into Windows Live Mail

Get the best steps for importing the Outlook Express Data in the Windows Live Mail app

If you are an Outlook user who has a Windows Live Mail account then we know why you are here. Well, we know that you want to import all the data of your Outlook Express account in the Windows Live Mail app and you are worried now because you haven't been able to find the steps for doing so all over the Internet. So, to your surprise, we, the expert techies of the Windows Live Mail Technical Support have brought some steps which you can follow so that the import of the data in your account can be done easily.

  • The first step is to launch the Outlook Express app in your PC.

  • Select the TOOLS/ACCOUNTS button and as the second step of this procedure.

  • Now, click on the tab named as MAIL and then, select the email address whose data you want to import.

  • After that, you have to click on the Export button and then tap the SAVE button so that all the data of your Outlook Express account can be transported to the iaf file which will be downloaded on your PC.

  • Now, you are done with the Outlook Express app. So, close this app and launch the Windows Live Mail app.

  • Next, navigate to the menu and click on the TOOLS/ACCOUNTS button.

  • If you are unable to view the menu bar, then press the Alt key and hold it.

  • In the next step of this procedure, you have to click on the IMPORT button and go to the directory in your PC where you have downloaded the iaf file of the Outlook Express as mentioned in the previous steps.

  • Select that file and then click on Open button.

  • After that, you have to go to File and then after tapping on Import and selecting the Outlook Express, you would be able to finish this procedure.

It is quite common for people to access their Windows Live Mail accounts on their phones no matter whether Android or iPhone but it is quite complicated when you want to get your Outlook data in your Windows Live Mail Account. Using email account in that way enables them to access their emails and contacts on the go without having to use Outlook for carrying out their different communication activities. Windows Live Mail is no exception to this idea and there are numerous people who try to connect their Outlook email accounts on their Windows Live Mail account, but end up failing most of the times.


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