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Hot YouTube Trends in 2018-2019

Every month, 1.5 billion people visit YouTube. On average, they spend on the site record for social networks 40 minutes a day. In 40% of cases people are not looking for games, music or films, but informative videos. If you have not yet included YouTube marketing in your business development strategy, now is the time. Not only this, you can also buy YouTube subscribers with just investing a minimal amount in that platform.

We will look at the main YouTube trends in 2018. Their knowledge will effectively promote the personal brand or brand of the company on the Internet, as well as attract new customers.

  • From the system of sharing video files to the social network
  • In 2009, the total number of views exceeded 1 billion, and in the following 3 years this number increased 4 times;
  • In August 2015, YouTube became the second most popular search engine after Google;
  • In 2017, YouTube videos were viewed in 88 countries in 76 languages.

These facts should motivate entrepreneurs to actively use YouTube to promote their products or services. However, in our region, few are the advantages of the platform. Below are the main trends of the YouTube season 2018-2019, which will help to extract from the service the maximum benefit for your business.

YouTube Trends in 2018-2019

1. Increasing popularity of reviews and expert opinions

Almost 50% of Internet users watch a video about a product or service before buying it. The video gives more confidence than the text.

Shooting a video review or expert opinion does not take much time and does not require large financial investments. As a result, the popularity of such formats is growing rapidly.

  • If you decide to shoot a video in this format, here are a few recommendations:
  • Show how your product solves problems and makes life easier. Focus not on the product, but on the result of its use;
  • Experiment with formats: presentation of slides, visual demonstration, expert's story on the example of cases;
  • Determine who will look for such content - beginners or pros. This depends on the style of presentation and the terminology used;
  • Mention other videos that may be of interest to viewers, ask them to subscribe to the channel.

2. YouTube to gain new knowledge

More recently, online learning has attracted more and more people. The format is particularly popular among audiences up to 20 years old (on the video platform more than 30%).

In total, more than half of users come to YouTube for new knowledge. Until the end of the year, they will be about 60%.

Use this trend for your own purposes - shoot training videos on topics in which you can mention your product or service.

3. Strengthening the position of the internal social network YouTube Community

While Facebook is developing through the inclusion of video content, YouTube is trying to retain users by adding social networking features.

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