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Online schooling is the future of education at present it is happening all around us electronic learning, online learning and distance learning these technologies are giving access to the skills and information provided by the teachers and schools. Our online school classes create solutions to achieve learning and educational activities. Online school classes have made higher education accessible than before.


Some of the best online school and academic programs are now available at your fingertips.

Online schooling has been defined as education which uses one or more technologies to deliver information and knowledge to the students. Online education is most commonly used at the high school and colleges. It will give a great education and add flexibility in your schedule. Online schooling is a type of learning that take education to the next level over the system of education and also it gives access to course material at all times. It will help students to learn and gain knowledge.


In the present condition the Government is not allowing the Schools to open for conducting regular classes. There is a big risk of the students attending regular classes can get infected by Corona virus.

This can become a major problem for the Government and the parents.

Now there are two options for the parents to follow;

1st Option

Let the academic year pass by and wait till the Vaccine is ready or Corona virus growth naturally stops. In this option the students lose one year of their lives, which will not be acceptable.

2nd Option

The parents become proactive and decide to admit their children for Online home schooling. This will keep their children away from the risk of getting infected by Corona.

If parents select the second Option then have to search for reliable and best school for enrolling their children.

The criteria for BEST School should be as follows;

1. Fees charged by the school should be affordable and should be based on monthly payments.

2. The School should teach the syllabus of the State Board, CBSE, IGCSE, ICSE, and IB.

3. The Online technology used for teaching should be student friendly.

4. The teachers should be well trained to teach the students ON LINE in an effective and efficient way.

5. The class should be conducted with an emphasis on interaction and participation of the students.

6. The pace of teaching should be moderate so that every student can learn in a comfortable manner.

7. There must be a feedback from the Teacher to the Parents to know the progress of their children.

8. Students facing difficulties should be taken care by additional classes.



Online School , Best Online School , Online School Classes , Home Schooling

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