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Hire The Best Criminal Defense Attorney To Help You During The Trial

If you were driving under the influence of alcohol and had been pulled out by law enforcement officers, chances are, you going to face a trial. If you are indulged in an accident while you were drunk-driving, chances of evasion are even worse. And, if found guilty, you can face severe consequences. Hefty fines, court expenses, prison time, loss of driving privileges, loss of work; DUI sentences are costly matters, in more ways than one. Thus, it gets extremely important to hire a criminal defense lawyer Greenville to stand in your defense during the trial.

What are the Consequences of DUI?

Drunk-driving penalties vary in accordance with each state's DUI law, but if you are charged, you can expect to encounter a combination of the following:

  • Lump sum amounts of cash - These penalties include thousands of dollars for DWI or DUI fines; court charges as well as attorney fees. These cases can financially drain you.
  • License revocation or suspension; depending upon your state's law and the offense number.
  • Jail time and community service, or both.
  • You may have to attend traffic or DUI School.

Which Lawyer Should You Consult?

If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, you will require the best criminal defense lawyer Greenville to defend your case, get you out of the case if falsely charged, and minimize the charges you receive. The charges would be more severe if you have accidentally killed or injured someone while you were drunk driving. You would need to hire an attorney with criminal defense experience, thus, you should consider Brumback & Langley LLC to select the best attorneys. They provide free consultation for your case and will guide you through every step of your trial. Their proficient attorneys will give you the necessary legal advice, and strive to get you the best outcome. ​Brumback & Langley LLC is a trusted name when it comes to being known as Greenville personal injury lawyer, the dedicated team makes it a point to handle their client cases with full integrity and professionalism. They work with uncompromising integrity, provide their clients with personal attention, and discuss their case patiently whether it is a felony case or a misdemeanor.
About Brumback & Langley LLC:

Brumback & Langley LLC provides the best Greenville Personal Injury Lawyer to handle your case with utmost care and give you the best results.

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