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Have your children ever fallen short of their grades in school… But don’t know how to fix it, even though he/she has tried just about every possible solution?

Maybe you could have simply “forced” your child to study harder. Spend more hours doing even more homework… Doing more test papers… Finishing more assessment books…

Only to find that their grades have not improved one bit. (Or even worse, that their grades have actually slipped!)

After trying unsuccessfully to study harder, maybe you’ve even tried to enhance their physical selves by giving them ginseng or chicken essence to boost their mental capacity!

And perhaps, as a last resort, maybe you’ve even started exploring more “specialised” learning methods for your child.

I know for a fact that there’re many such alternatives out there. Private schools and tuition centres that focus on unorthodox techniques not taught in schools.

I’ve seen courses and programs that aim to improve your child’s memory. Teach them to concentrate on independent learning. Get them to become more self-motivated in their studies.

And I’ve even seen some programs that heavily rely on neuroscience and “cutting-edge” psychological techniques to boost your child’s learning ability.

Now, I’m not saying that these don’t work. I’m sure these courses and programs are still around because they’ve seen some level of success.

I’ll be the first to admit: Our government is doing what it can to optimise the learning process for all students. To get them to do as well as they can. And as an educator myself, I have personally witnessed the government’s endeavours to constantly improve their systems. 

But the fact of the matter is: Your child needs help NOW! 

If your child is still unable to get the EXACT, APPROPRIATE help he or she needs… this issue will not go away. After all, it’s not like the teacher will suddenly be able to give your child individualised help, right?  

This is why I’m writing this to you. 

Because even though this is such a widespread problem… There’s actually a way to solve it. 

A way that will bypass this unavoidable flaw. A way for your child to reach his or her full potential… Even while still being subjected to the school system. 

And I want you to learn more about it. Take action fast. No more wasting time going around in circles… Scratching your head… Getting frustrated about your child’s school performance… 

Time to stop that. And time to start heading in the RIGHT direction. For your child’s academic results. His/her success.

I know, it sounds ridiculously simple, right? Well, the solution is easy to understand in theory… But the truth is that your child still lacks the level of customised care and support he/she needs! 

Simply knowing the solution is one thing. But being able to ACT on it is another. 
And I wanted to ACT on it. 
That’s why I founded Nanyang Learning Pte Ltd in the first place! 

Nanyang Tuition is one of Singapore’s pioneering education consultancies! And as Head of Education, I have worked with over 15,000 parents and students work with over 20,000 private tutors, helping them progress in their studies in the most time-efficient, effective way!   

Now, you may think that simply finding a private 1-to-1 teacher or mentor won’t be enough to help your child. 

But as someone who specialises in helping students find the perfect teacher and coach to help with their studies, I can say this with certainty:


If you are looking for a home tuition agency in Singapore. Then Nanyanglearning is the perfect choice, as We are offering the you a private home tutor who fulfills your needs and requirements. For more details about Private home tuition Singapore, please visit us.


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