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Hamari Society: The best society management application in Mumbai

The world is developing towards novelty and people are becoming smarter. Today, the effect of technology in our life is incalculable and one of the greatest examples of modern technology is Society Management Software which could be the light at the end of the tunnel.


In the present era, the purpose of choosing a residential society is not just restricted to living close to essential amenities. “Nowadays, we as a society members demand many more features in our society, such as we need advanced tools that can meet common goals, save time and money and lessen unnecessary efforts. And the best society management application in Mumbai, Hamari Society has all these features and it can tackle the most complicated housing society administrative tasks with just a few clicks,” says a Mumbai resident, Varsha Parab.


This web-based apartment maintenance software in Mumbai provides facilities for accounting, facility management, communication channel between flat owners, tenants and the managing committee and visitors’ entry.


Hamari Society has provisions, to calculate the society’s budget and balance sheet. The software can produce bills and collect maintenance fees on behalf of the society, through its own payment gateway. Other characteristics involve an SMS and email alert system that sends out reminders on debts, dues, etc., an essential notice board that informs residents of festival celebrations; meetings and other occasions; as well as notices on water shortage, building repairs, etc.


“It also offers a facility for tracking members’ complaints and has a newsfeed page, which can be used to inform members about the latest developments in the society. This software really helped us,” says a Navi Mumbai resident.


According to Ravi Shinde from Navi Mumbai handling Maurya Society, strongly shares, “I will suggest everyone to consider Hamari Society (Society and Apartment Management System - Cloud based, Secured). It's a secured cloud based society management solution to successfully manage every aspects of the Society Operations whether it be data management, members’ collaboration, society billing, society accounting, helpdesk, polls, facility booking, visitor management and many more. It is productive with zero compromise on quality, instant support and it is accessible on all platforms.”


Ravi Shinde also adds, “Hamari Society (Society Management Software) is amongst the many society management software. It’s not important that how beautiful and attractive design you have but what is necessary how effectively the product takes care of the complications of the Housing Societies i.e. data migration, timely billing, proper, transparent accounting etc.”


By reading the reviews available on Google about Hamari Society, one can easily understand as to why this amazing society management app, Hamari Society, is growing fast and becoming one of the most liked Online Society Management Software in community management domain.


“The software is very user-friendly and nicely designed. They seem to have thought of every problem that a housing society can possibly come across! I am very happy with the billing and accounting aspects. The offline support is also very nice and helpful.” Says, a Mumbai Resident.



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