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Hamari Society : One of the top Society Maintenance Software, Mumbai

It is gospel that real estate has been extending extremely in past few years. According to the recent survey, it is awaited that everyone will have a house by end of 2026.


Real estate developers are at its utmost point where almost every day 1 million houses are sold and bought. These houses can be in kind of apartments, tenements, bungalows, condos, villas etc. It is also estimated that 55% of the country’s population will live in cities by end of 2026. Having said that, managing the apartment’s details is becoming tedious.


Hamari Society is one of the top Society Maintenance Software, Mumbai which authorizes to track income and expenses, chat updates over mobile, and email for controlling the security of a message communication on the internet and is user-friendly and affluent with zero risks.


It offers various aspects and functionalities that guide committee members of residents in co-operative housing societies. This app challenges complication by tracking all the compulsory information related to society. With their top-notch features, they guarantee that everyone gets the value quality which meets everyone’s demands affluently and guaranteed contentment of sophisticated society members.


Security has been an uppermost issue in almost every management of society and the apartment. This Online Society Management System in Mumbai’s gatekeeper app is very simple and easy to use application crafted keeping in mind the building security officials capability to comprehend and seize the details of visitors smoothly. With visitor management app for the apartment, not only the entries are generated electronically but it also sends the notification to the resident giving them a prior notification of the visitor. This is a committed app that comes with Hamari Society’s apartment management software bundle.


Savita Shinde from Deep Griha Society, Colaba, says, “Right information at right time can be very useful. We often do things or want to do things in our apartment community but it goes overlooked. Suppose, you are arranging an event for a festival where you want maximum participants to be part of it. You have spread the word of mouth and started sticking posters and stickers with info notices in elevators, lobbies, notice boards but it all goes useless if no one reads it notices it. This is the place where a Society Management System in Mumbai can be really astounding. You can send maintenance prompts notification or email or SMS also, you can send any kind of beneficial communication within the community. Since this message is immediately delivered to the right person, the message is very clear and strong.”


There are many issues that residents and homeowner associations face on day to day basis. Lucidity and communication are beneficial here along with responsibility. Hence a good apartment management software having helpdesk for society member’s app and well-organized way to control complaints, suggestions, and queries is really important. Hamari Society provides this feature for free in the resident app.


These important 3 features of the resident app include:

- Have your own community social network

- Run fun polls, for pleasure, and business polls for forming an opinion of all Apartment residents on issues.

- Track people visiting, staff, etc. and offer your visitors hassle-free access


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